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Scorpio Energy Reading


It's that season to get bag for no reason, how y’all doing girl? Well as for me I’m doing because this Puss N Boots ass energy that’s coming through in this Scorpio Season is not giving happy, happy, happy, joy, and joy as reading. Now for people who been doing the work oh just know the changes is coming and your hard work will reap the rewards, but for those who are prone to make the same mistakes them lessons may hit harder and harder. I hope by now some of y’all have learned your lesson if not the energy is basically just gone do what it is gone do. Now as the season starts watch out for the drama queen energy because fights can seem to be explosive more than ever. Some problems aren't as big as they seem it's just the principle only you know your situation not I.

For some of you, you got enemies and they can’t hide who they are now so they may be coming in disguised as a lover, friends, and support. This isn’t to promote paranoia but it’s just seeing a situation exactly for what it is. For some the energy ain’t even that deep it’s like say for instance a girl doesn’t like you, but she can’t find a reason to hate you she only coming around with the intent to wish you to fail at things. Basically, evil eye so make sure your protection game is up. Because that’s giving fan energy why can’t she just respect the craft but dislike you as person, you can separate the artist from the artistry. For relationships it is a time for balance to get back on the good foot. Don’t worry about the holiday energy saying your partner only acting nice because its Christmas. No, for some they really want to work it out with you and stop arguing about the same things. You know this is the time of the year where you work a little harder to see the results in the summer.

If you stop looking for a physical response from the universe you may be able to pay attention to your own intuition and do what's right for you. Like honoring your needs, speaking up, being more communicative, and being honest about the things you do and don’t like. If you want to correct something now is the time to do it before your intentions lock in on a plan you aren't so sure about. If you don’t know you don’t know, so stop saying yes. You may be coming off more selfish in this season as the new year comes, it isn't personal some of y’all just haven't been taking care of yourself. Some of y’all ain’t had no good night rest in so gawd damn long it doesn’t make no sense. How y’all live like that because a bitch like me gone catch her some sleep no matter where I am at. In order to get the ball rolling in certain areas you may have to become more pushy especially if it is about your needs.

Some people have been too demanding, needy, and sucking up your time some of y’all need a break. This is why it seems like you are working too hard to obtain something when you just have to tell people no, no thank you, can I get back with you, what is the deadline on this, and I need this. It isn’t being an asshole for people who aren’t so forceful with their hand it is about your needs. “What about what I need,” in my Effie White voice?

Dog energy came up and a hound dog at that one. It is giving mama bear energy like I protect what is mines did you not hear me say watch the drama queen energy male or female. There’s a difference in starting fights and having to protect yourself from your actions you caused versus having to protect yourself from the wrong doings of others. Now if you are trying to connect more with higher deities like Gods, Goddess, and Christ Consciousness you may be able to pull it off only if your intentions are pure. This energy isn't for the faint of the heart, it is to access downloads, to go through a spiritual Ascencion, and a better understanding of who you are and what you are a capable of. This energy is beyond an akashic reading child. This has something to do with like omens, destiny readings, and spiritual preparedness. That’s why I keep saying if you don’t know how to access these beings properly going to workshops, mediating, and working on your root chakra will be beneficial.

Let me tell you something as person who been up their baby you are going to want to ground your ass off when you come down. Because trying to be flighty and jump from paradigm to paradigm and ripping through your chakras is how you catch spiritual sickness. When your doctor can’t find nothing wrong but you know something is wrong. Baby there is an attachment of sorts or you have somebody energy on you that needs to be removed, cleansed, and transmuted. This is why I said mediation may do wonders for you, to get a better hold on your own mind. Moral of the story you better close them portals and stop accessing shit that ain’t shit to do with you before people start thinking you crazy when you ain’t.



A psychic, medium, or tarot reader maybe getting exposed not on the internet but for pushing out false content. They maybe be lying about the messages they are putting out; they use spell work on they clients to make these messages to be true this is why you find validity in their message. Someone maybe under the guise of someone else and the real person is about to show up and it’s gone piss a couple of people off. When you stop having sex with this person that’s when your sickness is going to go away. Some of y’all having sex with this person that has esoteric methods and they are the cause of your problems in your life. This message is too specific.

Those health issues someone has been battling is due to so form of spiritual ascencion someone sacral is off the chart. So, this could be their libido being in high drive and you are not handling the energy well. It’s like some of y’all been taking them honey packet, pills, and oils and stuff and you're producing to many endorphins at one time and this is why you always dehydrated. Could be due to mind altering drugs, mental health, or sex magic keep in mind I am not a doctor. Having to many sexual partners especially spiritual ones, is the reason why your veil is down. Because you have one that’s trying to root you, put a hex on you, love spell you, and using your sexual chi for money rituals. This may show up in the guise of solar plexus issues but it really is sacral. Trust me on this one.

The health issue may stem in the stomach but it definitely comes from the sacral. Detox please. Stop helping everybody out some one is a succubus and I don’t know if you know this, they are draining the shit out of you. If you have to take a spiritual bath every time this person leaves, lights sage and you aren’t doing no spiritual work, or clean up the whole house even if it's already clean then that is your answer. Keep in mind succubus doesn’t always have sex with you google is free but some spiritual courses on Patreon are not. For those people wanting to propose or marry at this time some of y’all ancestors ain’t letting up because this person has too much spiritual baggage. And if you defy, they rules you gone have hell to pay.

Because this person needs a cleansing and to honestly accept their ways, and change. They can’t play you so, this will cause a lot of problems down the line. Just know marriage gone come but somebody has to earn that from you. It’s certain things you can't see that they can go ask somebody and get a reading if you don’t believe me. Only those that feel this message will apply will get the advice they seek.