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Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces

Water Signs Mid Monthly Readings:

Let's get on into this mess because y’all got some drama and piping hot tea that’s is trickling down somebody else's throat. You might be the one spreading the gossip or someone is gossiping about you in malicious manner and someone is about to call someone out about it. Songs that verified this was I Get Around by The Beach Boys and Word Around Town by Rich homie Quan. For some of you, you might be caught up in this mess and the facts that was voided out is now coming to the fore front. Someone is trying to still keep a game face in the midst of their lies. Spirit is calling you to stand in your power because some people who are doing this is only trying to get a rise out of you. Some of these people are exposing themselves as your enemy and there's nothing you can do it about. Respect those people who have shown them true selves to you.

We got some folks that’s doing anything for clout so you need to steer clear of their drama because some people maybe trying to attach you it. I ain’t saying you got to be silent but it's more of see no evil, hear no evil, or speak no evil because it's bound to go bad once you open your mouth. Someone maybe trying to test your character but this person isn't your friend behind closed doors. For some of y’all this is a beef over a man, child if y’all don’t move the hell on or play may the best man win. You may feel like a weak person but when the truth comes out, those people who doubted you and played on your emotional intelligence is finally going to see someone for who they are. And I'm sorry to say that waters signs y’all in this batch too. Because can be some emotional manipulative mofos and I know this speaking as a water sign my damn self. Saying you don’t know when you know is your biggest problem.

Because you do know and you doubt yourself a lot and that causes a lot of emotional confusion. Pride seems to be someone biggest problem because they don’t like to admit when they are wrong so they go on emotional tangents trying to vilify other people for their wrong doings. I heard the word megalomanic. You are dealing with someone who likes to cause emotional disturbances in people lives all because they aren't happy someone needs to do some inner child work because that has to be exhausting! When you can’t call someone out without having to have a plan of action behind you because some is vindictive as fuck. BABY GET OUT THE WAY AND LEAVE THEM ALONE BEFORE YOU BE IN JAIL! Keep your downloads to yourself if you don’t have a platform or something because someone is nosey. You need to find time for love and hard work because there seems to be some imbalance going on in your life when it comes to your happiness.

Some of you could be getting ready for love, a new baby, or a relationship that’s coming in its just getting you to let your damn guard down. Someone has been dating people who don’t reside with them on any level and it's making them cold hearted and closed off to love. Keep your spiritual recipes to yourself because someone may only run to you when, they are sick or always have a damn problem. It isn’t your job to fix, counsel, love, shelter, and support everybody. What about your needs in my Effie White voice? Just because you know how to pick yourself and remove energies doesn’t mean that you have to deal with everybody energetic issues. You may be on a path to shamanism. Some of y’all have an attachment because you been playing in black magic in secret.

This person may have developed some form of a persona that isn’t even them it is making people leave them the hell alone because they sick of that nasty ass attitude you got. It's some beef in the spiritual community about someone gifts because someone can’t do what someone else can. You are not God your job isn’t to teach this person they have so much growth to do and this person isn’t even emotionally mature. This person hasn’t grown up yet so to teach this person some form of magic it is bound to go wrong anyway because they only want to cast dark magic from a low space. Someone could try to challenge your matriarchal skills because of jealously and I see somebody smacking the shit out someone. Because they are condescending and degrading majority of the time. If you are getting married someone wants to make you feel like you aren't deserving of this love that’s coming in. It possibly could be coming from a family member because somebody is marrying into wealth.

They feel they are deserving of this and you don’t deserve this, if they could swap lives with you, they would, you could take their mean vile low libido ass husband and they go off into the sunset in a Maserati. Little do they know you would be happy in a shoe they just to focused on your blessings that they can't see they own. They miserable Hunny only you’ll know who talk like that. Once you get out of that toxic environment your soul family is going to start popping up like hidden gems teaching you how to better your life. For some you of these people they aren't going to stay around for a long time because they trying to help you get to your blessings. Some will be a phone call away and others just know they are there in spirit. Don’t ever feel like you're alone because you are not.

Somebody needs to gone sign up for a reiki healing session or take the classes, me to me. You got some beautiful changes coming in but boy is and was it some hard lessons that is tethered to it. For some, y’all are in the peak of it and it is tearing your ass up because you keep doing the same things over and over again. Someone needs to seek some form of psychological help because they running themselves raggedy. Having trouble with forgiveness and stepping into the light, for some this could be a spirit from that dark ass magic you been using. And it keeps coming up that a family member has been trying to block your path or someone else's path and they catching karma for that. That’s why they so emotional volatile and moody. Just start playing I want to know what love is when they come around, I bet it set the scene.

Spirit could be exposing a money laundering ring about some money around you or what some people did for money. It's like the blue light is being shown on them and your innocent looking slow as ever about what's going on. Because you been too busy eating cake while they have been trying to pull the wool over your eye's sweetie. Keep your blessing private and your money private because we got someone else trying to do money rituals for your blessings that is coming at hand. This person who has been doing is about to be exposed they are going through financial challenges and you are going to see what they are willingly or have been willingly to do for money. Be aware but viligiant and also know that there is a spirit of truth that has been released in the air. Some the people who have been prone to get away with certain things are now going to show you their true sad selves. All the other times they were faking it.

Don’t push for certain truths let them reveal themselves in just due time. Timing is everything!



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