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Say, Hello To The Emotional Abusers In The Group Chat

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is the worst type of abuse to me because baby once somebody know they can destroy your confidence baby they will keep doing that shit. Child they’ll try to get a hold to your inner child and kill off your dreams. It doesn’t matter how old you get you’ll always have a inner child inside of you. Child, after the pippin hot tea I got today I said baby let’s burn his down, “NOW”! I was furious because I know this individual and the games he likes to play. He likes to make you feel as if you are not good enough for him when it is really him who is not good enough for you. And child, I know some women like this too they just never get called out on it. But today y’all get a pass in this first mid-section because we fina talk about his trifling ass.

See, the thing with emotional abuse you never really know it has happened until you decide to go live outside of your means. This means going to new places, having new friends, experiencing new love, or even a new career. You never know how much damage you have suffer at the hands of someone or even yourself. We disregard this on day-to-day basis because we think that it is okay to cross people boundaries and say emotionally charged things to hurt someone only because we love them. And love is tricky because people think that it gives them the right to constantly put up someone treating them bad because they love them. I THINK THE FUCK NOT! Baby you gone get some act right around here especially if I say I have changed or trying to show you, I am changing.

And the funny thing about change especially when we have hurt someone, we rarely take in account about the change that it is required to make someone happy. Sometimes it is all about them and not about us because how dare we have a say so in anything because we hurt them right. I get it in the beginning you want them to feel the way they made you feel but constantly doing that. You can’t get mad when someone decides to leave and walk away. I mean people fail to recognize that relationships are not about you they are about the other person you portray to be. Think about it if you were an artist wouldn’t hang out with other artists right? I didn’t say a certain type of artist I said a artist. You didn’t look for support, emotional reciprocation, and honesty. Truly because you didn’t want that, you wanted the person who looked like you and do the things you do.

The hurt comes in only because you fail to recognize they gave you what it is you wanted and sometimes that it is a tough pill to swallow. You didn’t see that certain people had certain character traits that it is that you didn’t like, you only just seen what it is that you wanted to see. Baby that lucifer spirit something else ain’t it. It’s blinding to be ingulfed in someone else’s exterior isn’t it that when you peel back those layers you start to recognize that is it nothing there for you. You don’t know how your mind can set you up for failure in certain situations and you end up being your own worst enemy in life sometimes. That this feeling can cause you to stay stuck in certain situations that you need to leave or let go of. Or how you end up giving to much with little in return because you fear asking for what it is it that you truly want.

And that is acceptance right, don’t we all want to be vulnerable with someone and share our secrets with them without feeling like our pain can be throwed back up in our face. To be honest some people don’t throw peoples pain in their face because they are shitty people sometimes your pain causes them to become shitty people as well. Unhealed, unprocessed, and uncleared emotions can create some tricky dynamics in your life. That we never stop to sit down and access but every once and awhile when change decides to come back around you’ll find someone who is willing to beat you down into the person who you used to be. And my child that is this nigga. Girl, this man is so damn insensitive to anybody problems except his own.

This motherfucker the type of person to sacrifice us all if the wind ain’t blowing right that day and he knows this. Now granted I’m not minimizing the pain he has experienced in his relationship with life, but he always has been a whoa as me kinda person. I get it some people are more emotionally charged about things than me but when your emotions causes you to do some dumb shit over and over again. That you know is hurting other people in the process baby you are an emotional terrorist. I’m not gone sit here and say that everything is so easy to get over but damn how many times do people have to be hurt because you are hurt. Don’t nobody want to wake up sad every day, scared to be happy because you are unhappy, and afraid to take about their achievements because you chose to keep making the same decisions.

Child, that is insane I know some people are hard learners but damn if you keep doing the same shit over and over again then you should’ve mastered the response that comes with this. Have you not learned anything from an overt narcissist? Them motherfuckers take they licks and keep it moving, the malignant one sits around waiting to get you back and make you feel how they feel. Next thing you know they go off being the victim to certain situations they have created, and you can’t even explain or respond. It will be the same story almost but a different one and each person who believes it will have the same perspective. I have had my days with the ones who make you feel like shit and treat you as if you should bow in the presence of them.

They would beat you down so badly to the point you would rather crawl into a cave just so they can leave you alone because they make you feel as if you will never be enough. They make you dumb yourself down, so you want seem smarter than who they are. They make you put up with things that you don’t want to because you fear the upset because at least you’re not being punished for something you didn’t do. They make you feel small in room where you all are giants. That is the power of emotional abuse or just abuse at all. I know I was all over the place but child, I had to be because this blog was going to be messy and that ain’t my style. I just wanted to say you are always good enough even when you feel like you ain’t somebody sees you, hears you, and loves you. So don’t forget THAT!


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