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Saturn Retrograde


Listen up witches if you are doing any domination work at this time, I would be mindful of this while Saturn is in retrograde, and Pluto is still in Capricorn. I told y’all money hungry ass back in 2020 when y’all was doing all them damn money rituals when them Taurus placements was active that somebody was going to have to pay for that. Now this could be collectively or just certain people. I told y’all in this Gemini season that this was going to be a spiritually challenging time and guess what Saturn is here to collect a debt. Now out of all the retrogrades we have had this has been one of the smoothest transitioning planets.

I have seen people fall back, some people have gotten back active, and some people have recognized that some people aren’t going to change. It’s giving that COVID energy where everybody was forced to sit down and actually face the music. And facing the music for some people may not be so nice like being forced to sit down and look back over life. People act as if Saturn is a harsh planet which it can be but when the emotional body and logic is out of the window it can be challenging for some. For some of you this a new a start to a new you are getting your first job, car, house, love, wedding, having a baby, owning a business, and finally publishing that book you’ve been meaning too. That fire you have been missing is coming back to give you that jolt you need to propel yourself forward.

And sometimes it may not be so nice it maybe the reasoning of why things played out the way it did and why things are happening the way they are. For some of you, your downloads maybe off the chart especially if it has anything to do with childhood trauma, feelings of nostalgia, and the person you used to be. I’ll be mindful because some of y’all ain’t learned y’all lessons you just adapted to a new environment pretending to have changed and have yet to expose yourself to the old you. Whether it be a sex worker, addict in all forms, commitments, prior engagements, clearing out those cobwebs, or old lovers. I know in typical astrology and tarot when retrogrades happen you hear the typical your ex is coming back.

This time it maybe for real and not being in way you and your partner maybe coming in to be with you. This could be those feelings you used to have towards them like hate, hurt, resentment, and even sadness. This is the time to finally release yourself from the attachments you have with people who have held you back or you have held on to for too long. Some apologies maybe coming in from a universal aspect like being approved for that loan, a new love, loving yourself more, and dropping those old wounds you have never told nobody about. But let me get into this mini tarot read because will check back in 2 months to see how you are holding up.


Baby the cards say exactly what I just said I guess somebody don’t like to hear the truth. I see some of y’all cutting a sexual link or tie you have to someone because you recognize you only hit them up when your life is going bad. Now it could be the other way around I sholl don’t like when people do this especially a sneaky link baby you can get them bad vibes on. Someone needs to work on their sacral because sex seems to get the best of them. You could just be dealing with a freak who know how to pull the worst out of you and when I say the worst the darker side of you. If you ain’t sleeping right, drinking water, eating right, argumentative, and fatigued. Yeah, gone let that one go until you know how to manage yourself a little better.

Praise yourself more, spruce up a bit it’s not saying you fishing for compliments but the changes you making somebody is going to notice them. If your solar plexus is feeling off, it’s probably because you always trying to hide the best part of who you are. Waiting until the right time to get all your shit together so you can pop out. Boy, if yo ass don’t gone step. You probably could’ve been holding yourself back because someone could’ve been negative or just didn’t appreciate your new you. Oh, well Phuck EM that’s their problem not yours.

Now to the hard part some of y’all need to walk your dog’s more and take to them to vet. One of y’all got something in y’all yard that’s causing your dog to have allergic reactions. This is why they always going to neighbor’s house to poop. You may have relocated, and they don’t feel comfortable where you are it’s not just a quite a home yet it’s missing something. Maybe love, time, appreciation, support, and gratitude. You travel too much for my independent contractors they have doggie daycare, or you could just let me baby sit from time to time. If you have been attacked and have been plagued with the paranoia of not wanting to come outside, get you a guard dog or one that you can grow with that can be your protector. That may be your spirit animal.

Now for the rest of you guys, you have been traveling a lot I don’t know if you are spiritual, but you are bringing home a lot of negative energy where you frequent. Could be a third party, baby mama, baby daddy, or just working out of town. Y’all have to find some way to move that energy because it is draining. I DON’T KNOW WHO NEED TO HEAR THIS BECAUSE I KEEP REPEATING MYSELF YOUR MONEY AIN’T IN YOUR HOMETOWN. It’s time to pack up and get out of state or go outside of your radius, if the commute to work is hell them checks one won’t be though. “HEY!” Oh, and before I leave if you feel like you need to cut off a friend do it because some of y’all been on some weird shit. Like set ups, theft, drama, gossip, and shoot outs. Yeah, it’s about time you exit stage left politely because the drama y’all got going is brewing.

To the point to where someone can’t even process what is going on because they are so emotionally tired.


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