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Same Sex Relationships

Hey, yall how you are doing? Still doing them gender roles and pushing the hetero dynamic. Well, have no fear this is a sign to remove it out your life. No, SERIOUSLY. This is now the time for you demand your rights in a relationship, your sex life, or even amongst those who keep you emotionally suppressed. Because the straights been out here looking for place to emotionally reside and guess what you’re on the menu sweetie. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t want or desire love but for someone to just pick and choose when they want to love you is so 1995.

Like child we got bills to pay, depression to defeat, establishing self-love, creating boundaries, and finally knowing our worth. Don’t nobody got time for some half ass lover whether you are gay, straight, bi, trans, pan, or questioning. That shit old either you in or out, I think the way social media seems to glamorize everything down to sexuality, mental health, and sex. It creates a misleading dynamic between who people are versus what society says we should be as a whole. Like it has people putting they free will on hold just to fit in when you were created to stand out. I did say we because I’m 22% gay like a white person that just did, an ancestry reading and found out they was a smidge bit black. So, it gives them the right to say nigga.

Girl, y’all know how that goes but I digress. The only reason I started to right this blog is because a lot of things been coming up in my readings about same sex relationship. And not the good kind it was some type of outing game going on and I wanted to say whose man is this? Because I don’t partake in that particular behavior of that game they be playing. One it is dangerous to someone human experience. So, how the hell do you deal with this particular situation? It’s not like this is new to me but how do I deal with the person that’s being messy about it? Now it’s different for girls this day and age, they get to lick on pussies all the time to please they man but it’s the total opposite for men.

Now this is in no way shape form or fashion trying to take away from someone story who struggles with coming out of the closet who identifies as a lesbian woman.

Sidebar if you are getting a tarot reading from someone and they say man or woman remember energy fluctuates and it be depicted upon who has the most dominate energy. You are humans who have day to day experiences and interact with many people so the reader maybe picking up on the person you are energetically tied to. A lot of people don’t explain this, but this is real if that is a problem tell the reader and they will try they best to correct it but if it’s a channel message you may mess up what is told to you.

Okay let’s get back on subject since Covieisha has hit the streets let’s just say we are living in the day and age of Sodom and Gomorrah. Now for those of y’all in the church or has had some church hurt please research real theology behind that story. For me I’m talking about how sexual arousal and carnal natures have people breaking sexual vows they made with themselves regardless of their sexual preferences. Whew, child it’s been getting hectic in these streets with these soul ties people have going on in they life. You have the witches going into summoning circles with people who souls are trash by the way, the church adopting to a new era of spirituality, and the carnally weak damaging souls left and right.

Sad to say this woman will be women until they learn that everybody isn’t out to get them so they fake love affairs they be participating in seldomly phase me. It only seems low down to me when you see a woman who seeks to love, and woman end up in situation with someone who just wants a sexual affair. In the era of we grown and I ain’t got my pocketbook on me it is destroying people’s love life and their hope in love all together. Now what you like to do in your bedroom is okay but when you see that someone is getting more attached to you, and you feel like you saying we don’t go together is clarification to someone and they shouldn’t get attached. Baby you are shitting me you need to politely leave and never return no matter how badly you crave the sex or that person.

Let me tell you it only gets worse after awhile and as a person who used to read Just Busted all the time baby same sex relationships used to have the bookings filled up. Now for some women they have had some toxic ties in same relationship but it’s the men and transwoman who has the most problems with closeted men. And the term closeted can go so far in my book because in this day and you have people using lingo just because it sounds nice. Closeted is what the straights would call a man who likes to have sex with men but doesn’t want to date them. He doesn’t opt to bi but if the straights ever found out his is, considered to be gay and closeted.

Closeted on the other hand can be someone who is uncomfortable with other people knowing about their sexuality because it changes how people view them. Don’t you just love it when you come out the closet and people act as if they can just catch the gay by being around a gay person. But also wanting to know every detail about your sex life and experience while coming off bicurious. Whew, THE STRAIGHTS I TELL YOU!

I just wanted to let you know that your bussy matters too. Don’t be having somebody climb your back that don’t care about you I don’t care how lonely, sad, depressed, or how badly you are feigning for some affection. Baby you better start doing the work so you can value you more than just your sexuality because you have a whole human experience you supposed to be living in. If the d*** don’t bring me peace ion want it! Simple as that, I get it navigating your sexuality while being ostracized for being gay can cause seem pretty deep emotional stints in your life but it’s a part of you that has to be acknowledged and honored.

Cause them no good as I love you, long time as niggas will keep trying and keep trying it when they see or feel like you don’t honor you. Stop trying to rescue someone before you rescue you because when they get what they need guess what they gone off to the next person to be better. And do a whole 180 for them. Them things you hold inside from the pain you experienced in your human experience is what them toxic ass, dog ass, and no good ass niggas gone use to get in your pants. Baby, if I could wear a chastity belt to sleep I would because its certain niggas I ain’t got nothing for them and they know it.

One thing I learned in my human experience that I’ll leave you with is that sometimes they don’t join the outcast because they’ve been casted out. They’re just keeping a secret to keep them from being casted out. Now, let me get ass on to this other blog.



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