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Sagittarius Monthly Tarot


Overall messages First Whip by Clew, feelings of nostalgia, something from the past comes up again that drudges up old feelings, whether it was connected to a toy, a favorite shirt, sensory skills, fights, hidden motives, moon magic, somebody is out of control, aggressive ass lawyer, wanting fast results WTH, a child mirroring you, losing patience with a child, and I heard you can’t do what mommy do.

Now I don’t care to know what you have done your past because that is between you and your maker because these messages to explicit for me. Not on my timeline baby this a place where families come to eat. Don’t be so quick to think you have all of the information you need because there is gossip and a whole lot of drama going on. You gone have to create some boundaries with a couple of folks because this is giving much opportunist. Like I’ll do anything for the money type vibes and in a not so nice way. It’s really giving money hungry you’ll know if the money ain’t for you because it brings more stress than peace. With the seven of wands you could be trying to create stability for you and your child but you got another person come knocking on the door for something else.

This could be putting a spending limit on your finances or child’s card. I don’t get into people parenting skills because y’all girls like to tussle, but that is what’s coming to forefront. This is giving the energy of two peas in a pod where y’all argue, fuss, and fight but I’m going to protect my child. You kinda setting some damaging practices for your child or children because the real world is a cruel place and that is a naïve way to live. Some of y’all being screwing to much and its time to stop having meaningless sex because it’s keeping you tired and unable to do the things you need to do.

For as your career if you just decide to sit down and map out what it is you don’t want to do and what are willing to do. You will receive some fast results but you all over place and stuck in reverse. It is really giving a car stuck in the mud but trying to pull off and getting mad that your stuck. Some of you guys may suffer with abandonment issues or flightiness this energy is reckless. It wouldn’t be surprised if you have to do everything for everyone around you because you keep doing what you want to do and not what others want to do. One of y’all turning your backs on child could be due to sexuality differences or things they have done in the past you don’t agree with.

Somebody got to work on they anger because if you or anyone around you crowned as Oya baby this spirit is toxic as hell. It is throwing things, cursing, fighting, and downright destructive. Baby it is giving jail time when whoever feelings get hurt. I know fire signs like they daily dose of recklessness but not to the point it gets someone killed. One of yall need to get your eyes checked could be too high or sedated all the time its throwing off your sensory skills. Somebody might be feeling paranoid because of that its to much pressure on the top of your eyelids.

Everybody has they own demons so why the hell you around here thinking people don’t. We all got things we lie about because we don’t want people to know. Who made you the truth bringer to people issues sweetie it’s giving me and I’m gone get you sucker type vibes? And that’s not a pure heart when it comes to fixing or righting wrongs. You are the energy you keep -PYA. I think I told y’all in a reading one time that if you like to argue like that person in the reading then baby, I’ll just say ok and never show up. Because everybody has, they own issues so the world doesn’t stop for you just because you got a boo boo. I know it sucks but that’s the life we succumb ourselves to when we decided to reincarnate on earth.

Somebody been over there fucking with the darks arts, and something gone go wrong or will go wrong and somebody looking for a solution to a problem. Maybe from a divine being or a divine interaction. How do you know you aren’t having an interaction with a divine being, but you are receiving the message wrong? The message maybe in the lesson I just said you skipping out on things. Some of y’all are finally learning a newfound sense of independence because some of you have been in the energy of being able to get away with ish. That this new start is something you ain’t used to because you got a new mind and a new attitude, and you don’t know everything. Things will be revealed to you when it is needed you just have to have faith baby this is ain’t the dark arts BELOVED.

Some of y’all moving please take me with you I HATE IT HERE! On another note, y’all got a mentor coming in and it’s forcing you to clear out all of them old cobwebs in your life or house. This may seem uncomfortable because all you guys want to know is it safe when it is but this person ain’t gone take your shit. Some of y’all got a passed loved one who trying to tell you a message and it got something to do with a house. Some of y’all got a haunted house you may have to call someone to clear that out. Stop doing all that spell work in there. For some of y’all they coming to open up your path so you can get where you need to go because you are acting like you don’t know your way home.

So, this may seem aggressive, but you been getting on these people nerves and spirit is saying you ain’t been listening so they placing the people on your path or you on yours. Somebody might be pregnant and hiding it because they are planning on running off with a man. If this a child, you better embrace they path before they run off. Because once they gone, they gone hate you for life and you don’t even know if it some good intentions behind them. Being smothering or overbearing will only push them away, slow down child you doing too much. Keep in mind this could be anybody in your life and you got to much past energy coming up front. So, you know what you need to get the sweeping that shit out your life. Amen


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