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Sagittarius Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: Show off, negative nancy queen of pentacles, domestication issues, custom and trades, figuring it out all on your own, being deceptive, foreign entity, some sticky substance, witch covens, pagan witch trials, soul releasing, and soul retrieval

If you have been traveling this season you may be realizing that you need to pack more lighter. This could be with the people because the word that came across was traveling companion, the weight of your bags, and a tourist. Whoever this is they like to collect certain things like and bring them back and complain about paying more. Who is this? You have to be old to do something like this because they complain about it and then pay it. Now, for those who are in a witchy group that packed up and left someone still has something of yours and is still trying to reach you by doing scrying magic on you. Now, for others you may have left a cult or something behind because someone has lost a loved one and they had to fly back. I don’t know what kind of lifestyle you are living but it’s giving a little bit of a set up.

Let me find that old video of the cult tactics because you have someone that may be trying to smoke you out by using someone you love to get to you. And you may find out that a close friend or confidant was in on this unconsciously and consciously. And this may piss you off because if there was some form of survivalism going on someone was game for leaving someone behind. You may be realizing who your real friends are at this state and time. On the flipside this is someone that is trying to send someone on an all expenses paid trip only to find out that it was a setup. This is like the night before the Christmas but the horror edition. And for some of you this has left someone traumatized to a fault. It;s giving Harriet Tubman just a little bit but more of a modern age. Does this have something to do with a sex trafficking set up? You know how your friends be down for somethings you may not be down for only to find yourself in a sticky situation.

Now, this could be someone who is a backpacker and your so called social media group of friends left you behind to fend for yourself. And they may be on social telling half of the truths to paint someone out to be the bad guy. Now, flip the roles on the person who is doing what. This may have led someone on a heavy blocking spree because you are going to realize who these people were that was so intended on holding you back from who you were supposed to be or meet. This could be an ex lover or a lover who likes to play mind games. Whoever this they think gaslighting is fun and for some of y’all this came with a price with your livelihood being on the table. You maybe now coming to realize that this person never loved you. It was all about revenge sweetie.

I dont know if you were the narcissistic abuser and somebody was like this is my time to shine on these nigga. Or your abuser was trying to come back and get you Capricorn had this in their message I will link for you down below. Whoever this is was out for money someone felt like you left them out of the will or you are withholding and hoarding finances that are not yours. And whoever this is has been all in your business too and your ancestors do not like this person that has been spiritually spying and financially spying on all of your affairs. For others, your ancestors have been trying to alert you to this bullcrap they have been doing but it’s like they keep being rerouted to a house they don't want to go to.

I see spirits that are of the image that's in my Lenormand deck just hovering over your house. They may have been giving you signs in nature spirits but you haven't been paying attention. Specifically red birds, ravens, crows, and hawks. It is about this person that has been trying to disconnect you from your spirit and for others. You may be staying in a home where someone's dead girlfriend has passed. She may reside in that residence and she maybe a soul that hasn’t had time to ascend properly. This may have resulted in someone moving out of the home. For others they are coming to free you from a home you are not supposed to be in. So, you may have a friendly spirit that may come off like a bully but they are trying to get to focus so you can get out of that space. Really it is a funk that you are in and this person really wants you out a resident you reside in.

This isn’t the original owner of that house. Whoever this is they didn't know spirits can come with the house so this just spooked the hell out of this person. For others this is a person that has your hair that does rituals on you to constantly manipulate your energy to throw you off. Especially in the sacral area, crown, and pineal gland. This could be someone who does a lot of glamor on you to make you feel uglier or less than your usual upbeat self. They get kick out of this. This could be some social media bully, social media crush, or an old work colleague. Whoever this is they are obsessed with money and not in a good way. It's giving me I keep up with the joneses but the jones don't know I even keep up with them. If you had a doppelganger your doppelganger is about to get a doppelganger and it is quite scary.

This person may have worked with this person to take you down only to find out how psycho this person can get when it comes down to you. If your conscious kicks in halfway through this person doesn’t care because they have a mission to take you down and they will. Someone may have worked with your mama to turn all of your resources and friends against you. Because someone mothers is quite insane at that and has no bearings on boundaries in your life. Now, this could be your ex wife, baby mother, or anybody with a child that isn’t cool with. They just a had a baby this year to be more specific they are in the months phases.

I DON’T KNOW WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS BUT YOU HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE AND YOU ARE DOING THAT THING AGAIN WHERE YOU ARE TRYING TO SELF SACRIFICE FOR WHAT! GUILT, SHAME, REMORSE, OR BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY. As an adult I have learned that I got my ass beat alot because I could have just walked away from a lot of people. The point being made is that don’t suffer the same consequences twice because you think you have mastered the lesson of pain. #PYA


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