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Sagittarius Monthly Reading


Keywords: venomous, vindictive, inability to be able to let things go, moving abroad, a playful friend who is disingenuous, having the weight of the world on your shoulders, weight loss surgery, plastic surgery, gains, and unable to focus.

The energy of relocation is all through here, it is time to get out of your comfort zone. For others, someone may be struggling with gaining weight, it has more to do with your central nervous system. Either you are around someone or something that is harmful to your body, and it is causing health issues and someone maybe passive about the symptoms they are experiencing, when I heard it's time to go to the doctor and get some follow ups. Maybe even a new doctor one that’s gone get the job done. Some of you maybe looking for a doctor who is going to be your friend when you need someone who goes beyond the diagnosing phase and giving your ass some pills. For others that holistic phase isn’t going to work if you keep putting toxins in your body and surrounding yourself with people who are poisonous to your spirit.

Now let's get into this message real quick because I don’t have all day to repeat something that you have heard fifty eleven times. Somebody has to learn the art of compromise because trying to force your way of right isn't going to work. It’s just going to isolate you in this human experience and cause you to complain all of the time and nobody likes a motherfucker that complains all the time. For others this may be a child or an adult who acts like a kid until they get their way. This person may even go to odd lengths to hurt or cause confusion you just so they can be right when they are wrong. Somebody is hardheaded and doesn’t like to listen until they caught up in certain things and they expect you to come rescue them every time. They may even get mad about you helping them or even correcting them and this person makes you regret it every time. Because each time you help it’s like this person doesn’t get it.

It's like you don’t want this person to lose but the more you grip onto this person they are bound to lose because you won’t let them fail. And when I say, fail I'm not talking about maliciously wishing ill on a person or your child. No, I'm talking about being able to learn that their actions have consequences. It’s a big bad world with some beautiful souls in it, constantly pushing this martyr paradigm with this person is only costing you your health, sanity, and peace of mind. For others somebody has to learn that everybody isn't their friend or just one person isn’t their friend. Because they keep falling out this individual over and over again. It's like this person is so gun set on someone losing because they want to win. But they keep losing in all areas of their life by being focused on the wrong things. For others this could be someone that is trying to open up their relationship up and I don’t know if you are picking the right people, or you are trying to appease someone who isn’t pleased with themselves.

It's actually tiring for one of y’all because somebody wants to cry. It's like somebody's spirit wants to be free from bondage, but it keeps itself suppressed by doing and repeating the same things over and over again. Whoever this is, is trying to please a man, a masculine figure, or an authority figure who may not approve of what they are doing. Ima go out a limb and say this person may not even believe someone is capable of doing a certain job. If you are doing this to please this person I can see why spirit is throwing in the blockades. Because if this is a personal fulfilment of yours, you may just surpass the person who is doing all the criticizing in your life. This could be as simple as going to school, winning a custody battle, a court case, falling in love again, or leaving a job and finding success after.

Somebody has to learn self-worth and value. This leads this person trying, to prove things to people who could care less about things that they care about. It's not saying that other people don’t like you, it’s just saying that some people just say certain things to josh you. Now, if you are constantly dealing with people who just demean you it’s time to go into self-reflection mode and ask why their opinion matters to you. And why do you keep hanging around people who find fault in you and not in themselves. Now holding up that energetic mirror to see what is causing this discord can help build up some form of confidence in areas that you lack in. Sometimes everybody isn’t saying everything to be hurtful sometimes it’s a truth that you may not be ready to face.

This reading is like an oxymoron within itself, it’s like you have to recognize who and what is for you and who is against. Because it’s people who are causing some art of confusion in the midst of the group chat and it’s like you want to see this unless you are intune within yourself. It's like you may have to carve time to learn more about spiritual evolution, doing a job, and maintaining boundaries so you can keep the mess out of your life. I don’t know if you are working some high-profile job but baby the working conditions sucks ass. I'm out. Side note if you gone be smoking that oowee before you go into work and you know it's going to have you delayed. You may have to get up earlier and smoke before you get to work because it’s throwing off someone's cognizance.



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