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Sagittarius Monthly Reading


Living in the past isn’t the way to see where you are headed have you ever heard of the analogy you can’t drive a car by constantly living in your rearview mirror. Now this could be the past out to get you or you need to sit down and just face the reality that nothing is the same. You can't change the past only the future but if you stir on it long enough, you’ll make it your reality. I'm hearing what is done is what done I don’t know if that is you being fed up with a situation or this is a person with you. For some this a relationship on other hand you might just be sick of people. Y'all got too many people calling, begging, asking, and always wanting you to provide something for nothing in return. This could be a sexual fling who is always in need or a side junt you like to fuck on from time to time. Tell her to ask for the money in bulk so she can stop calling all the time.

Some of y’all married or getting married and baby this fina stirv up some drama in the group chat baby. You ain’t tell your hoes you found the one because whew I think y’all snuck off and tied the knot out of the country. Is it legal for U.S. purposes just in case a nigga try to act up and I have to say aht, aht, nigga this want real? But no seriously someone is head over heels in love with someone while someone is about as vain as a magazine collection. Someone spends too much time trying to make money while there is someone who is trying to spend it as fast it comes in. For some this may leave someone having to file chapter 11/7 so you can manage your finances. It’s not like you broke but you need to get all of debt down and squared away because paying this one and this one is driving someone crazy. If you are thinking about getting married, please do a credit check on your partner because baby it’s some shit you don’t see about this person.

For some the person you are about to marry or did got some hidden loans that didn’t come from a bank and they may come after you for the money they owe and you gone be pissed. Because while you are trying to get things squared away it seems like this motherfucker just can’t stop accumulating debt. You know how you go get your credit fix to purchase a house and this motherfucker go getting cars and shit. Like nigga, please stop but one of y’all end up purchasing a house a nice one at that but, whew you almost didn’t get it. Because whoever this they don’t know a damn thing about finances they got the mentality that money grow on trees. You maybe just coming to the realization that some people will be attracted to you because you have money. It gives you an extra boost in the relationship market and to be honest you really don’t have much to offer but money anyway.

But this person who you are interested in makes you feel as if you are not all about money. Even though this motherfucker can spend they ass off they genuinely like you though. When it comes to someone, I think you may have judged them wrong and you may be willing to revisit a creative idea that someone had. Maybe it is to settle affairs or to launch a company in a new direction it may be yours or someone is earning partner in something. It could be a large lump sum of cash or a portion of something. For some this is a prenup, child support, a final court hearing, or a buy in on real estate. Put me in the game coach I know how to play no seriously.

I heard the words back off bitch, back off voodoo, and bitch be gone. Let me find out you be down to the witch store buying herbs and shit. For some of y’all this could be a pesky spirit or a person who is annoying you and they are trying your patience. This doesn’t work well on your enemies when y’all barely see or know each other. Maybe you should try a cord cutting ritual through magic and then do the back off spell and maybe this person will gladly leave out your life. Because I see them leaving you alone, you could just genuinely hot foot someone it works wonders for me. Remember your intention matters. Someone may need to do couples therapy before y’all marry because someone's partner may try to walk out on the marriage mid pregnancy and come back.

For some this person isn't going to cheat on you but they will avoid the shit out of you. Could be due to someone not being confrontational and they don’t want to argue with someone who doesn’t know how to see things form their perspective. Because sitting up arguing all the time can be exhausting and talking to someone who lacks passion about fixing things can be draining. Timing is everything. Now for those of you who are trying to repair a marriage a baby mama or a baby maybe the problem here. She may decide to give up on the child because she is exhausted and doesn’t care anymore. She really wants to go off and find a new life. You know those women who go off in the woods and cut off all their hair and bath in the ocean with waterfalls falling from rocks, yes this her. Sweetie is burdened and feels like life has not given her the chance to be free of emotional trauma, children, career, and her overall happiness.

Whoever this is they feel like life isn't playing fair so why not give up and throw in the towel and give life what it wants. Shit, sometimes it be like that and I understand this to the fullest and this isn’t no suicide shit patty. Somedays I just want to pack up all up and runaway with my child and live off the grid but he got to go to school. Damn he fucking up the play as I scream in vain. Focus, Marshae, focus.

Somebody needs to do some throat chakra work and affirm your emotions that come up and do this daily. Because holding back your needs out of fear of being judged is only hurting you more and more each day. We know yall know how to curse people out and say some slick ish at the mouth so why when it comes to your needs you don’t know how to express this. You may want to read the Gemini's post again because I know you read it. Somebody is expecting to leave somebody for somebody else and something bound is bad to happen to them. Now ima be honest your partner may have done this for financial gain or they put they foot in they mouth and something bad may happen to them.

And you may the only person this person wants to talk to and confide in because don’t nobody understand them like you do. I see you sucking your teeth and still going but I don’t think your heart is following alone with you to. Because deep down you crave for this person to finally see you for what you are and hear the little girl or boy in you for once. For some somebody wants this person to just shut up. I don’t know if you talk too much or they talk about the wrong things at the wrong time. Someone has a now or never mindset and this is why they always miss the mark on things. It’s not ever enough or just somebody doesn’t know what enough is.

And this could be attitudes, arguments, vices, fights, and just drama. You can’t save everybody if you stop being a martyr all the time then maybe somebody can figure out how to love you properly. Because you have been meeting partners who try to mirror you and this pisses you off. You don’t even give people credit for trying and it makes you comes off as uncompromising and this makes people only want to deal with you because you have something they need. So, you always feel like you are being used when it’s a fifty split on that bill whether it’s emotionally, mentally, spiritually, psychically, or financially The question is do you know how to sacrifice for the greater good not for someone else but for a better improvement in you and others.

Because you may be financially stable but don’t nobody want to pull your weight emotionally. Popping up every time something goes wrong in your life and you be emotionally mind fucking people having them thinking that y’all be something more than y’all not. I don’t care if you are paying people for their services but you don’t have to do all that to get what you want. Because even if you didn’t pay them, they would still show up for you and I don’t think you notice this at all. So, if you have noticed a decline in your friends, it's because they are tired of trying to make you emotionally happy. If you want love just say that because your friends and family maybe tired of being your lover. You can go spread your wings and get off they stoop because a couple of them have trying to push you onto a couple of people they tired boss.




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