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Sagittarius Love Reading



KEYWORDS: Money, Money, Money by –ABBA, Superstitious by Stevie wonder, Living for The City by Stevie Wonder, searching for the calm, not on this paradigm, escapism, and Don’t Worry by Bob Marley.

She's flexible, delectable, and a little freak for show. I don’t know who that is but it's going to mean something to somebody in the group chat. You got to leave them freaks alone because they’ll have you out of your mind baby you don’t know if you are coming or going. I don’t know if one of y’all work in the night life but shout out to you because it’s making decent money in today's climate, I tell you. And tell your sugar daddy thank you and if he got a friend who penis doesn’t work tell him I said call me.

Now that we got the jokes out of the way what is happening, I feel like you are in some Scorpio energy ducking and dodging questions, reverting things back to other people so you want have to answer the question. I mean it works for me but when you need to address the elephant in the room what you gone do? You gone keep pussy footing around things and keep letting you drag you down to the point you have no energy for the things you like to do or stay in a null and void energy. For some of y’all you think this is a safe space but it really is a place where you like to run away from your problems. What you are a Pisces now?

Be fair and resolve all of your conflicts because it seems as if you can do something but no one else can’t and that theory isn't working for you anymore because you don’t even know why you do what you do. This could be a partner starting to become more cold, detached, and aloof to your problems and antics because the fire has turned cold. You could be dealing with an Air sign or someone who is coming off like an Air sign they tired boss. Somebody is tired of trying to prove they loyalty to you when you barely can give a damn about, they interest. They just over it they don’t want to fight, fuss, argue, or nothing. This leaves you confused because you used to could get a reaction out of this person now, they find themselves getting out of the house more.

Basically, just avoiding you for some they done start back smoking again because you done killed of every last one of the nerves and they had quit. Cigarettes, weed, black, and cigars. The problem is someone is always focused on money and materialism but at the same time someone will be mad if they can’t get, their way. You work too much or use that as excuse because it keeps your emotional affairs brief to the point where you feel you don’t have to give as much. As long as you’re there, right? “NAWL”, you gone have to do some more.

Somebody got that gambler luck so they treat their relationships like a dice game when its good its good but when it's bad its bad. You feel like why now, main we been doing good now all of sudden you want to change it up. Someone is selfish and they don’t want to look in the mirror because situations you find beneficial don’t be the same for others. You may not know that your luck come from being present in the moment and being more grounded. When you become so focused on money and materialism it seems like things go for a fast decline in your life. It leaves you feeling you always have to pick up the pieces. Now keep in mind this doesn’t have to be you it could be someone you know or your counterpart.

That anything that requires you to work over the normal amount of time on something to repair it you don’t want it anymore. This is why you always arguing with your lover, loved ones, and friends because they find this insensitive. They do their part but when it comes to you, you never do yours. They say you like to inconvenience people and make they time yours and your never grateful for what people do for you. So, you got people throwing in the towel and leaving you in your darkest hour and the ones you around really don’t know you like that. They know of you not you. This why they make backhanded comments because they know them people isn't gone stick around.

It's time to set the wheel in motion for you to finally be happy but how can you start when you're so focused on how people perceive you. You think it is going to change the way people view you. Child, happiness is happiness and that’s something we all like to see even a hater on they worst day. They have to have something to hate they don’t hate on people who negative they just don’t like them. If this is a hetero dynamic somebody got to understand the difference between irate and defending themselves out of survival versus making decisions that are clear and concise. If this is a same sex relationship someone is deciding to finally have a child. I don’t think your mom is going to be okay with this because she has an old school mind.

Not saying she's homophobic but more like well why don’t you and the girl go together type shit. She thinks it is too much and y’all bring to many people into y’all relationship. She just thinks y’all need to get y’all self together and stop involving everybody into your business. For others your sex life maybe improving and your partner maybe willing to try to some shit. I don’t know if you are ready or them but what works for you may not work for me and I am okay with that.



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