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Sagittarius Energy Reading



Your inner critic could be loud at this time because the song that came across was maybe I'm crazy. I don’t know if you think you are or maybe you are but that’s the vibes I'm getting. It's giving a little bit of manic and losing control. You are or have a yes man that is going to be your demise and they are very intrusive and project all of their emotions on to you a lot and it is exhausting. They could be selfish but they don’t see it that way but since you go along with everything you wouldn’t know the difference.


And idle mind is the devil's playground so who is your inner child linking up and playing with at this state and time. What's draws out happiness in you and brings you sadness is the question? And how do you act and react to it? Somebody needs to think before they speak and do but spirit said you want hear that message because you think someone is always trying to control you. When did you lose your freedom and power is the question at hand? It seems like if you are looking for answers from spirit you are getting more questions than answers. Either you are too nosey or you don’t pay attention to what is going on in front of you and this maybe a problem. It's giving the energy of that me shuffle the cards again. Inserts meme.

You may be closed off from your emotions at this state and time because you aren't liking the state of the relationships you are in. It feels a little bit like karma, what you put in is what you get out. If you aren't empathic to others then it's some people who may not be it to you. For some you think kindness is weakness and use this to your advantage and another one is about to bite the dust. Because of your lack of focus is the reason you are getting caught up into stuff. You got somebody that is all into someone else's business that they aren’t paying attention to they own. In the words of the old folks sweep around your own front door. If you don’t know what that mean then it’s stop coming for people who ain’t sending for you because you don’t want somebody come cleaning out your house.

It’s a deceptive energy around you and I don’t like it at all because someone is lying and holding onto a massive secret that is tethered to a lie. That could be hurtful or harmful to someone else and I hope you got a mind of your own because whoever this condescending patty is, is about to fall hard. And this may lead to someone falling into a depression and oppression. Being easily subdued by others and allowing them too emotionally manipulate you. For some this has been a thing someone has been doing since childhood and I heard it is a cousin energy that is attached to it. You got someone that is trying to guide you to do inner healing work but someone isn’t so receptive to it. Whoever this person that is bossy and mad they didn’t create it is the one that is going to ruin everybody happiness.

If you are trying to change someone has to be realistic about it because the expectation, they are having aren't tangible at this time. If they want justice its either too fast, if it is to make amends it is either to slow or with the idea that it is to earn or receive something as if it is an accomplishment. (Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces). Someone is going to push away they emotional support system by either pissing them off or being quick to jump to anger, “DON’T NOBODY HAVE TIME FOR THAT”! We have our own problems going on so when someone is holding space for you; it’s also being aware of that. That rolls back into that empathy and that is something someone has to learn. Everything isn't about you. Whoever this person that is quick to anger or calls out wrongs in everybody never stop to look in the mirror.

Because either you participate in the hate campaign and hate it then you act in this holier than thou energy and do it again. If there are any disagreements in a family matter and fall outs someone want let someone get a word in edge wise. And the people who allow this behavior from you let you make a fool out of yourself. Now it’s not saying you can’t be your perky or quirky self but it is a time and a place for everything and someone hasn’t gotten this. Gemini, and Cancer had this gossip queen energy and it's rolling out in your reading to. I guess it's gone come out in the first batch because Leo and Virgo next. And for some you used to get popped in the mouth for it as a kid. For some you need to go to the gym not because your fat but because someone has too much energy and they need to tire themselves out.

Like going for a morning run, jog, walk on the treadmill because this energy someone has is giving a dog on the treadmill preparing for the race track. Like what is it that you running from or trying to get into because it’s stressful as hell. For some this maybe someone having a midlife crisis when it comes to their career because they thought they had it all together but come to find out they don’t. This could be someone drawing money from their saving and sailing the world. You know those people who ride boats, kayaking, and travel the seas it sounds like something you would do. But I think the fear of leaving everybody behind leaves you stuck because you think they are going to forget about you. Let me tell you someone this chaotic you ever could forget them if you wanted too. You may even be sad about it too because your partner or whoever you are in a relationship doesn’t want too.

And this may test the bond of a relationship and someone may try to emotionally blackmail them into to doing it. I don’t know if you are looking for aspiration or think this person is going to cheat on you but that is something that should be talked about without the nuisances. For others someone wants someone to step it up when it comes to the relationship and this could be marriage and some of y’all aren't ready to settle down. You may think it is something better out there or you like the way things are and this isn’t cutting it. Because someone wants you to show that they actually mean something to you so they may try to deprive you of things to get a reaction out of you but you still not catching on. What you got a Venus in Aquarius? They being immature about it and they don’t want to say it because they feel like you are being the same way.

You have the mind frame of I ain’t cheating and I am able to do whatever I want to do so whoever is tripping out, you or they feel they’ll get over it. When it’s really not what you are trying to communicate at this time. It’s really giving I don’t give a fuck and if this person leaves, you’ll be ok, I mean it will hurt but somebody feels like I don’t have time for the hassle. Even if they are alone and sad at the same time. They may find ways to pop back up in your life and they won’t push a relationship because they know how you feel but trying to be a friend, supporter, or confidant they will be that. An whoever this is, they still don’t get how insensitive it is when they can just say or state how they feel. Because the song that keeps going off is “Don’t Take Your Love Away, by Avant”.

They may be a little bit of spiteful when it comes down to their connections, emotions, time, and feelings. So, they feel like you supposed to figure it when it causes a lot of emotional confusion. By all means do what you will but it's time to rip the band aid and be honest about it.




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