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Sagittarius Energy Reading


KEYWORDS: Get it Done, Think First, Annulment, Financial Games, Holly Jolly Christmas, Reunions, Awakenings, Drama as Always, Some People Just Not Happy, Group chat, Exposing, Stars by Kindred Soul Family, Left Face (Fake Person) a possible illness, Someone True Color is Showing, and Sunset or Sunrise.

Someone who like to make rash and rush decision will be put on the spot this could be humiliation because whoever acts like they know everything will be made a fool out of. On the other hand, some of you will be forced to make a decision regarding matters of the heart it could be something that is personal or something that affects you or someone who you love. This may leave you emotionally confused because for some of y’all this person may be on life support or you may be taking on the financial responsibility of someone who is an elderly or who has fell ill. If you need some form of support then try to use as many resources as possible and for some your family may not be reliable as you want them to be. This may come as a shocker to you because this isn't the typical choice you would make. For some I would suggest that you schedule some therapy sessions or sign up for counseling because taking care of an elderly or an ill person even for a short period of time can be taxing.

And making sure your emotional needs are intact because that can make the process go a little bit smoother because when you become so focused on the other person needs you tend to forget about your own. Just know your faith will be tested, your marriage will be tried, and your social life will probably spin out of control because your conversations will differ from the normal topics. So, bear with yourself while you figure this out.

So, let's jump into the reading...

As usual you have people playing in spell work trying to offer people up to the devil man, I wish this nigga spend the block and come get the ones who keep trying to do this. For others this could be habits or thoughts that has been going on and it's time to break those addictions. Now is not the time to wait until the new year to receive the change you need. Now is the time to do so because the past seems like it's going to bring a lot of pain and not the good kind. And for those of you who think you gone keep doing the same thing over and over again with no state of consequences baby it's not looking too good. And keep in mind this doesn’t have to be you doing harsh things to people, this could be you putting yourself last, being late for work all the time, and not pulling your weight. It could seem like accountability will be a challenge and make some people feel as if they are plagued with bad luck when it's really the opposite.

It's like some people don’t see that they are the problem in the situation and some people ain’t making mistakes. And Sagittarius energy or people with heavy placements do not care about the consequences and the foot to mouth syndrome gone be the end of some people. It's giving don’t push me close the edge because I might pull you off. For some of y’all your ancestors have been trying to connect with you and tell you about family, friends, lovers, and your life path decisions you have made. Somebody needs to get back focused. Some people have been operating out of their lower self whether this is sexual activities, being in drama, gossip, being negative, and getting over on certain people. Some of y’all need to go put in for that vacation time and be honest with them kids. If you have to gone buy the gifts and take a pay cut this month. It will suffice because somebody is in some crash and burn energy.

It's not saying that some of y’all need a month off but baby a week or two vacation is needed. This is getting your house in order and clearing out the clutter to welcome in the new. It doesn’t have to be you going to buy something new, it’s just sitting in the energy of a breath of fresh air and not giving a fuck. Not saying throw caution to wind and give up on everything but after you’ve cleaned out the garage and look and say man, I been wanting to this for weeks or months. For some, those people who have been playing with spirits that trickster is holding your energy hostage and that’s why you feel like you bipolar or emotionally exhausted. Some of y’all was playing around with necromancy spirits and summoned some dark shit so now you at a point where this spirit could be developing an infection in somebody body. And somebody may have some complications because of this and this may lead to someone being amputated, hysterectomy, or an emergency surgery happening.

Spirit been saying get that spirit removed gone pay that money and you been thinking it’s a scam. So, you and your friends been sending hexes, curses, and jinx towards people thinking they doing this when it's you who been doing this to people. And whoever been doing beauty spells been having problems manipulating people because they see you for who you are at heart. Them googly eyes you used to have for this person or people is starting to become draining. Because you been dealing with someone who likes to push the boundaries of people and they think that shit cute when it ain’t. And my people who in relationships baby y’all one fight away from a massive breakup because nerves has been tested. I keep saying this is what COVID quarantine was supposed to do.

It seems as if wise council isn’t option at this time for some people because they don’t like the messages that they are getting from spirit. So, some people are going to try go off and make certain messages fit when they ain’t fitting. If you like wearing too little shoes with your feet hurting then by all means do that but I don’t think the collective is liking this. So, remember this message may not apply and maybe just a reminder to keep going and keep up the good work. Don’t let the holidays get you down because you don’t have having family, people not getting along, and not being able to achieve all of your goals. The spirit of gratitude will serve you in this season and remember the things you satisfied with doesn’t mean that someone is going to be satisfied with them.

Be courageous, yet bold, happy, but resilient this season is really yours. It's just those people who gave up a long time ago trying to make you think that your dreams are unachievable. Remember everything isn't about them and everything isn’t about you. Take your time and focus on your needs. This is the season to really get honest and say what it is you need from the people in your life. I kind of lie it because it's giving sassy. Like take it or leave it energy.


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