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Sagittarius Energy Reading


Can I talk to you I really wanna know you? I wanna know.. Come on Jodeci bursting down the group chat all up in somebody business. Now I do think you could be inquiring answers to questions and you not getting the answers that it is you need at this particular time. Maybe its time to learn how to go with the flow or trust your gut more. I feel like when it comes to your conversations you are having with people it maybe becoming shorter. Maybe its due to patience or it seems to be lacking a point. I feel somewhat lethargic while typing this you could be bored, depressed, sad, or just generally in an unknown energy. And that has you stuck thinking about what you want to do and can do at this particular time.

Watch what you are eating because you ain’t eating things that give you energy this is why you tired all the time. You need more potassium in your diet, and I know this is something you done heard before. To help you with them stiff muscles and them aches and pain. Now this don’t have to be you it could be somebody you energetically attached too. Self-talk could be a thing for you, you may have to be your own hype man at this particular time because the journey you are going on isn’t required for the negative nancies or negative self-talk. People may think you are acting funny when you just might be on your own wave. You could be learning how to manage your own frequency. Cancers had this last month so you might want to check out that post.

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For some of you, your writing will peak if you start being honest about those things that bother you the most. Its giving Edgar Allen Poe vibes its doesn’t have to rhyme when it comes to poetry it is the words that is used to express the pain for the crowd to receive the message. If you are in school or dealing with school, I do see someone is bored and sick of the mundane. In order to get to these streets somebody got to get the business done first. Don’t put the cart before the horse and have yourself out here emotionally lost. Anything that is considered a tool to avoid what needs to be done now controls you.

In order to heal you have to be willing to really face the music no lies, gimmicks, charades, and overly communicating. Just raw honesty. For some of y’all this is going bring a newfound perspective on why you developed boundaries with people out of defense mode. Its not being in an aggressive stance point or being emotionally closed off its like oh okay. I see why I stopped talking to you, why we don’t get along, how I do this, and why I do or did this.

If you need help, make sure the help wants to help you because you may be mad when people are trying to give unsolicited advice or sympathy help. Some people may do this for attention or validation it doesn’t seem pure it could be for self-validation. For some of y’all these people are bias and self-centered only care about what makes them feel good. So, they haven’t evolved enough to know what makes them tick they could be people who only hang with people who are like minded. Now this is cool but at the same time it is self-limiting.

So, you see them constantly changing friends or hanging with new people on a day-to-day basis. What is this a group of women if so, we gone call them the estrogen click because they all over the place. Now this could be simply you because I am obliged to say this, or this could be people who you hang with. If a relationship or marriage is ending, I do see this being better sweet because someone is finally letting all they truths out. Its like tell me how you really feel if it is you, I would be mindful because somebody gone need somebody sooner than you think. Mark my words if you are trying to be respectful and there are kids involved just to try keep the peace as much as possible. It’s either gone be stress, anxiety attack, or hospitalization for someone and they ain’t gone have nobody to call but you.

But the way these Queens are all in reversed some of y’all is tired annoyed and drained from this connection and they don’t know how to give support anymore. This could be the simple I’ll show up to do my part but anything that requires more I’m not emotionally available. We gone have a conversation about how people with Sagittarius placements don’t give AF what they say when they are mad. Preferably it is all mutable signs who do this, but we gone have that talk because child, y’all can push people away and wonder why you’re lonely.

Somebody gone find out how somebody tried to or did betray them and the lengths they went to. For some of y’all this is a partner who may have done this to you or a lover. And it is a secret that they don’t know. Its giving clue like who is the killer but the killer in the room type vibes. On that note I’m going to politely exit stage left.



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