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Sagittarius Energy Reading

Sagittarius Energy Reading

Before we get started with this upcoming energy reading I would like to say to every Sagittarius I know give me a thousand dollars for all the suffering the collective has to endure. Y’all some difficult mother truckers and you know it. While moving through this fire sign season remember to stay grounded, protected, and vigilant. Nobody needs to be hyper anything we are tired and trying to maintain our sanity after Venus in Scorpio and leaving Scorpio season we ain’t got no room to give. So, if you see a couple of people looking like they need to stop and catch they breath it’s because this season has been rough as hell. That energy boost Sagittarius season usually gives us isn’t giving like its use to because this has been some long dreary ass year with a lot of problems.

You know how they say every time I turn around it’s a bill to pay, well it feels like every time I turn around it’s a god damn problem. Whether it be mines or somebody else’s sweetie, I’m tired and emotionally exhausted. Child, I need love whether its love and light, an honest friend, or an outlet because I would give to go out into nowhere and just scream. It may seem stupid to you but it’s really emotionally liberating, breaking things and ripping shit to shred just isn’t cutting it. I need that solar plexus freedom for my inner child to run wild and to feel safe in the arms of me first. Don’t we all but, enough of my problems lets get into the blog.

First message up was tried tested and true and if you think I’m lying I got the nine of wands in reverse, five of swords upright, and the ten of swords to end it. If that wasn’t conformation then I don’t know what is. As the year end we start to begin new things, to see new people, set new goals, or emotionally allow ourselves to finally get honest. Well, isn’t that every shadow season oo I just love the winter sorry summer babies but summer ain’t my thang. It be to hot for my baby hairs child. But some people be forgetting that other people are going through things and that Sagittarius energy in the wrong hands can instigatorish, antagonistic, and problematic. Sorry but it can be, spoken like any other fire sign but like I said this year has been heavy for no reason.

Hell, COVID had the spirit of fear in the air but not this intense. I guess this is just the after affects of what fear does to the body. Some of you may feel like you are at your wits in but do not fear hope is here. I don’t know where but its here some of y’all may have to go out and find it.


Now this was really weird because for some of you that are dealing with business matters I think you might want to read Leo and Virgo energy reading about business messages. And also check out Aries energy reading because they had the same collective message. If you go to fast you risk being burned out and if you go to slow you risk the fire burning. So, it’s all about what you give your attention too just because you want something today will you want it tomorrow. Be gradual with your changes because you could risk missing out on some valuable things in your life. Whether it be a job, money, career, goals, and aspirations.

Also be mindful of the things you aren’t paying attention to because it may come with a price whether that is valuable information or something that may or may not cause you harm. You have to know when to walk away because this energy is giving much dicey. Because certain individuals just don’t want to change, and they are fine staying that way even if they have to take you with them. Ughh. Be realistic and honest about the things you are capable of, willing to put up with, and willing to put down. Next year is all about making things light so this is time to get those ducks in a row.

KNOWING WHEN TO WALK AWAY AND GIVING IT ANOTHER GO! I said to myself I got the message the first time, but fire signs are hardheaded and like to learn things the hard way. So, in most cases they don’t learn the lesson until the lesson is over with. Check your chart I’m not an astrologist so I don’t know where you’re supposed to look for this. Now this doesn’t apply to fire signs alone because you have hardheaded individuals who believe that rules don’t apply to them. Whether its an authority figure, sibling, mother, father, sister, cousin, or hell even a child. This is the time where you can avoid so much by seeing things for what they are.

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You forgot the fire element is an illuminator within itself it may not be transcalent as light but it does pave out a way for what is important in your life. Make sure that you are paying attention to what is being burned to repair and what is being burned to destroy. I know most people don’t like the element of fire because it can breed chaos, destruction, dysfunction, and hardships. But, after all of that it does show you what is still standing and your true strength if you don’t want to deal with all that then just bow out gracefully and go on by your way. It doesn’t mean that are weak you just have other and better things to do. I hope this message finds you in great spirits and you eating good. CAUSE I’M NOT!


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