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Sacral Trauma

Sacral Trauma Part 1

Sacral trauma is something many have experienced at one point in their life whether it was due to assault, unpleasing sex, creative blocks, fertility challenges, gyno problems, and manifestation blocks. Many people don’t realize the damage they due to their sacral energy over of time because it has been highlighted in this day and age just have sex all the time. Now I get it having sex can be a pleasurable experience but when you aren’t having it with the right person it can cause you some problems. Outside of VD, STD’s, and STI in the spiritual community you can end up taking away from your essence by whom you have sex with.

For me I am monogamous sex type person, I don’t like to have sex with many people because when you have learned how to navigate these spiritual streets long enough you learn your body doesn’t mesh well with everybody energy. No matter how good you deem the sex is. Do you ever check yourself after sex I mean how your body feels the next day? Is it any pain, aches, scarring, unpleasant feelings, or noticed rising in certain spots of areas? That’s your body warning you that, that person isn’t for you sexually. Now granted you do have energy vampires and the succubus going around stealing chi from people sexually. You’ll start to notice how you aren’t able to do your day-to-day routines, feeling drowsy, and drained overall.

That is not a sex life I aspire to have even for you lesbians. Just because you are sliding your clit up and down all night and somebody can last long, doesn’t mean their energy is right for you. For those of you that practice magic I find that most of you are hyperly sexual and fail to recognize that those people who you have sex with can block your manifestations. Baby, I’m not doing the work for me and you, especially a nigga that’s not mines. Because eventually he is going to have to learn to match my frequency and that doesn’t automatically mean will be doing summoning circles and invoking spirits. No, baby you gone have to grow up, do some work, and work on your inner being in order for us to be in a relationship.

Because even if we in sexual arrangement I’m not going to be having no sex everyday with someone who doesn’t because that is something I will have to fix for me in my energy. Now if the energy balances out right then its no problem but a hungry craved person who will have sex with anyone and doesn’t know how to control that sacral energy isn’t going to work for me. This isn’t the 70’s and 80’s sweetie get it together. Hell, even a woman with a high sex drive and single got her hitlist she calls from time to time. She’s not out here having sex with anybody contrary to popular belief. But most people fail to recognize how powerful the womb is in the spirit realm.

I know we talk about soul ties, sacral energy being left over, but have you ever had somebody trying to steal your chi through sex. ‘YOUR MOJO”, have you not seen Austin Powers that man lost his whole swag behind that. No, sir not me you go the wrong guys. Now typically most women don’t even know the men they have sex with are very degrading. I say all the time that some of these men don’t like women and they just don’t want to be with a man, so they sleep with you because they bored. And those be the men that be trying to get you to step out of comfort zone sexually and by you not honoring you body, its like a slow leak of energy that seems to be depleted from sex. Have you ever wanted to spice things up in your sex life, but you recognized you wasn’t that ready as you thought you were? Yes, that can cause sacral blocks in your energy especially for those of y’all that like to do love work, new job, new car, new money, or overall manifestation work.

That lack of communication between you and another can leave a lot of women emotionally and sexually unpleased during sex. The same can be said for men as well ESPECIALLY, the ones who always like to have sex with everything because he is searching for a feeling nobody else can give him. Boy, if you don’t get YO HURT ASS ON AND GO HEAL! People don’t see how sex can play a major role in your sacral blocks. Lack of confidence can cause sexual blocks as well for those of you who aren’t always defined by sex. For you asexual’s, celibate, and sexually unexperienced. Society has a way of making people feel like they are missing out when you really aren’t.

At this day and age sex for me has been a no fucking go, I mean the lack of boundaries, and the blocks I’ve had baby I might as well be f****** myself. That’s not to exclude the good sex I have had, and the nice sacral energy men have had but lack of sexual boundaries I have experienced is disgusting. Folks act like they don’t know that no means no. In the words of Beyonce I said yes to your mama, yes to dating me, but when I say no tonight you acting so ungratefully. The first time I said no you act as if I never said yes. NIGGAS! Child, that is as much as my tea I can give you but for me sex don’t do nothing for me when I’m trying to be in grind mode.

Sex is the last thing on my mind when I’m trying to get my shit together. For many it’s a stress relief but for me them 15-20 minutes isn’t going to change my problems if I am having sex with someone who don’t care about them. Not about the problems all the time, but me overall in general. You’ll be amazed at the men the women tell me about, how their lack of care for them turns them off. But they still have sex with them hoping he can figure out what her body wants. Girl, I’ll just keep this cat to myself because I do not have time to be mad about that shit today. Nope, that’s why I like keeping my shit to me and that’s my right I don’t have give it to nobody. Don’t let social media make you feel like just because you not into sex at a point in your life that you have to be.

And for the think police we aren’t talking men who we have dated. We like to have a fling or too as well, y’all aren’t the only ones who like to get up and go. Not all of us are looking to fall in love after sex, but a man with some manners and knows what a woman body needs is a winner. Sidenote when he knows who is and what he is trying to become and don’t misleading nor crude to women. Yes, Queen, but let me get back on subject. Everything don’t have to be hard, but somebody gone make this post that way. Child, I got lost ima have to come back one day this week and finish talking about sacral trauma just know this the part 1. And there is many to come.


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