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Sacral Healing


Sacral healing is one of the most impactful healing experiences that you can have when it comes down to bettering yourself. Out of all the chakras that is the only energy point to me that seems to carry the most emotional, psychological, and psychical impact that can be damaging more to the psychical body. Now for some people this can show up in doing your yoni cleanse, fasting, withholding from sex, taking a vow of celibacy, or the ole month flo when the vaginal canal seems to cleanse itself out. But for my people who have become more spiritual over time some people have noticed that it takes more than a little mediation, therapy, and healing methods. I am not saying that these methods don’t work but when the target area isn’t being treated it can roll into other energy points that we have in the body. Like some people walk around with jaded experiences from old lovers, flings and naturally we think they need to clean out the heart chakra.

Well it depends on the emotional connection that was established with this person and how much was given to them. Was your lover spiteful, hateful, demeaning, stubborn, drama felt, or always in need to be in control then yes, I would suggest a heart chakra cleanse maybe for them. And it wouldn’t be with herbs. It would be more with sound healing, nature connection, talk therapy, and things that can help someone to be in touch with their feminine energy. For my straights in the group chat, I am not talking about anything that requires you to go outside of your comfort zone. No, things that require you to be vulnerable in an area where someone can teach and show you how to build your emotional body back up. Like cooking, the freedom of speech and not political all of the time, being able to sit with yourself without the need of being burnt out. But enough of that, let's get back on subject.

The sacral chakra is the important to your healing journey because it determines the connection you have with people, how fast the connection happens, how fast they die out, where the insecurities lie, the way you pleasure yourself i.e., sex, and the things you like to do. It is where energy can expand before it even creates life on this earthly plane. The birth chart can even tell you the connection your mother had with you in the womb before you were even born. This is where the connection happens for the child and the mother where you start to take on the emotions of the carrier until you are born. A lot of people don’t know how we constantly take on other people’s energy on day to day to basis and depending on your emotional level and how well you deal with stress. Sometimes you can quantify the energy in your body and take it on as yours at times and act it out as you have lived these experiences. This is why I always tell you to stop sharing your body, idea, mind, and sacred spaces with people all of the time. Y'all be thinking I live in loserville but do I be having them problems though?

I think TF fuck not. The sacral healing isn't always about trauma that has been endured on the womb that was bestowed onto you by unruly and unhinged men and women. No sometimes it can be you being deprived of love that only comes from sex. It can be from unnecessary comments lovers have given you, the low people you lay with who is not good for you, the lack of consent to sexual encounters, inability to be able to please yourself, fertility challenges, loss of self, loss of identity, loss of children, blocks in creativity, and inability to be able to produce the things you want out of life. Now this could roll into inner child healing, shadow work, ancestral healing, and root chakra work. But these don’t have to be long term healing methods, it could be to rehabilitate an area that was affected by these common things. This is why when you are doing any healing work it can be tricky when you start on you are on your spiritual journey and become a self-proclaimed something. You know how people speak negatively on themselves and take that as a self-fulfilled prophecy when it is the complete opposite.

This is why I always say it is okay to outgrow your teacher because when you are afraid to lose you lose out on the parts of you, you have ever met. This is why I tell you all the time pray, do your divination work, and get tapped into the universe so you can understand who and what is for you so you want be caught with a teacher that doesn’t want you to outgrow them because they need you financially. I'll leave y’all with some quick tips and how the sacral chakra radiates so big that it can be diagnosed into many things.

A FORM OF A SACRAL BLOCK, can be rape, molestation, and psychical abuse. Now on the flipside this could show up as a root chakra block because of a person's inability to be able to ground themselves on this earthly plane. Like getting a job, being focused, taking care of their children, also having family and support, and managing love. Now a person could work on this through and through and ever be satisfied with life because of them not being able to accept that the trauma happens to them. In most cases most victims of assault try to find reason within the abusers' eyes when they haven’t even sat with the emotion that abuse has done to them. This in most cases is where the victim becomes mute, emotionally numb, and overzealous in areas of their life to cover up the things that have happened to them. Because the whole goal isn’t to be the person who was or is abused because most victims see themselves as weak after enduring so much pain and trauma. Which can result into throat chakra blocks, and also solar plexus blocks.

THE ROMANCIZER, HYPERSEXUAL, AND FREAK MONSTER NO. 9, the person who seems to always be available for sex but can ever find themselves to speak on their emotions, the things they want out of life, and develop a healthy bond with a person can be a sacral block. A block can be overactive or underactive I’ll link a blog below where I hinted onto the colors chakras and sacral energy. These people can reside in any space, they can be an overachiever, the person you always call on. The seemingly emotional available person who is always there but ever wants the commitment. The friend sexual where the friends tell them about their sexual experience or is always suggesting that you should be in a 3way with them. Now this can show up as solar plexus issue and a crown chakra block because this person is ruled by their own mind which has succumb to the flesh. So, this person doubts their own decisions because at times they are run by their endorphins, and dopamine level. These people can be stable contrary to popular belief but one wrong move in their life can make their life fall out of whack. And remember these are just examples of how sometimes energy can be misread and issues can be worked on too long when it comes to you reaching fulfilment.

“I COME FROM A BLOODLINE OF HARDWORKERS, WE DONT BELIEVE IN DREAMS!” Now, baby this can be a root chakra block down to the core but here me out. Because when I say root, I am talking about being grounded in a principle that has been taught to them and passed down from lineages that anything that out of side of that is insane. That if they had to chance to create their dreams they wouldn’t know how to because the belief system is connected to their inner child which resides above of the solar plexus. Which I believe is where the soul lies so that will be a tough one to break. But their inability to be able to believe in themselves will manifest in a form of self-sabotage. Or a person's unwillingness to do the things they need to because of their comfort zone. This could result in a person exposing themselves to environments, people, places, and things that are no good for them. Sidebar these people can be powerful manifestators but depending on their mind it may manifest in whatever way. These people also can be the type to leave one relationship and go to the next without exploring themselves fully because they haven't the change to clear out what they know.


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