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Root Chakra Work


We just left off of YouTube and I had to come on here and write this up real fast because these hoes be thieves and when I say thief, I’m talking about DUCK LIPS and ANXIOUS BETTY! The topic was root chakra work, and it came up because some of you guys are falling out of love with your craft, joy, work, and even stability. I know we still in a fiery month, but this is taurus season we are not supposed to be coming undone but grounding the intentions we set out already. For some of us we are realizing that we have been all over the place and recognizing that we been doing what other people has been wanting us to do. So, for you bored patties, messy friends, and lost souls have no fear because your stop is here.

Baby but you don’t get to stay here you just get to rest so you can go on your travels. So, with all that being said let’s get into this blog. It ain’t gone be long just a quick recap on what root chakra root work is. We talk about getting grounded all the time but you don’t know grounded until you dealing with some heavy root work and your job on the line, your kids cutting up, your anger getting the best of you, your friends don’t want to talk to you, and it feel like a heap bad luck over you. Baby, you be trying to stand firm in midst of shit just so can have something to grip on. Now I don’t do magic for humans, but I can teach you some metaphysical tips to do better so the enemy cant get you. Faith is another but not doing the work is where the faith is mostly tried.

Write down a list of your jobs and the length you stayed on the jobs. Why was the reason you left? Who was the common aggravator? Did you leave because of money or stayed because of money? How do you view money? To live or survive? To isolate yourself or to be the person you always wanted to be.

Number two write down all of the schools you have attended in your life whether it be college, high school, and even elementary. How long did you stay there? Did you make friends easily? Were you more prone to be in clicks or go along with the day-to-day life? What was your social status in school the bad kid, the talker, the weirdo, the goth, the band geek, the nerd, the plush girl or boy, or just there because your mama/daddy dropped you off? Studies show that children who normally go to the same school for their elementary, junior high, and high school are more likely to finish college. Or other things in life I believe this to be true. But on the flipside, I don’t because I have been to several of schools, but my environmental factors were the reason I didn’t finish a lot of things.

Last but not least list all the places you have stayed in your life from when you were an infant to your big age. Did you like where you lived? Would you stay in that area now regardless of your financial situation? If not why, I’m just asking? This is the question you ask yourself in your journal and this also has something to do with your inner child work.

Now you maybe asking why the fuck am I writing this out well some of y’all be all over the place constantly in drama, hypersexual, unable to deal with change, unable to find what it is what you need, and always playing second fiddle to other people’s belief system, goals, and dreams.

When you get to writing all of these things down, I want you to look at the common dominators in your life. What emotions follows you the most? Who from your home life has this trait? How do you deal with them? Do you force them to change, acknowledge, or demand them to respect you? How do you deal with people who act as such? Do you think your parents, aunt, uncle, or grandma should change in order for you to heal? Do these emotions you bury, carry, or transfer affect your stability? Are you a flighty pants or you stay too long because you think this is what you suppose to do?

In order for you to change you have to believe in change but sometimes believing isn’t so easy when you’re so used to proving or doing what society and peers says you should do. The emotional body is powerful, and the subconscious is too, sometimes you don’t get that far because you are so accustomed living off of that paradigm. That trying anything new feels foreign to you and you will find a way to start back at the same thing that you know isn’t going to work for you. Dare to be different and get your root chakra active. Let’s move, shake, dance, and get our spirit fingers going to shake up that stagnant energy.

Just know when you get serious about you its going to start exposing people in your life. It shouldn’t take money and success for you to see these people been that way in your face for the longest. And I don’t care if it is your dog, cat, friends, mama, baby mama, baby daddy, husband, friend of the family. Get to the work because the work ain’t gone get to you.


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