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Rewatching ReRuns


I told you guys to go watch season 2 to go have a look at Mary Ann antics and some of y’all still ain’t went to go have a look at the episodes, have you? Hell, nawl you didn’t. So, about a week or two ago I posted a tarot reading onto YouTube about the spirit of Levithan now I didn’t explain it to the fullest but it came across in a message. #PYA Reason being is because of this childish ass little girl who dabble into the occult and project her negativity onto others like it's our problems. Now you guys know I'm all for helping but damn when you don’t learn from your mistakes or even understand your own shadow what the hell a healer or elder gone do for you. Shit you #PYA just gone waste they time and while they become engulfed into your problems while you just sashay your ass into the sunset. Aht, aht baby you fina come get your stuff you left behind.

I am not in the business of keeping what isn't mines I believe in consent sweetie and just because you gave consent doesn’t mean I want it. This particular individual reminded me of Mary Ann all they wanted to was live in the moment. It was sheer hedonism and her plans and ploys also ruined people lives. It was like she didn’t have no form of what she was doing until you watched her up-close and personal. She had that God like persona you #PYA know those people who think they are God so they go around making decision and casting names and labels on people. Thinking they are the ruler of people fates when in #PYA actually reality she brung a lot of chaos to them, all they did was drink, smoke, fuck, and ingest hallucinogen's all the time.

These people were so out of their mind that they didn’t even know who they were they were so mind wrapped into whatever she said that it was kind of weary. She reminds you of the sneaky girl who you never would’ve thought to be evil until you get to know her. She uses her feminine pose to victimize herself and have people thinking she is weak when I beg to differ. She is like death, poison, and sorrow wrapped in a bow dressed with desire as ones would say she is the Jezebel spirit. She gives off many personas but, on the show, she was a Maenad and you guys know I have a love hate relationship with the Greek Gods. It's an interesting tale to read but the #PYA power they wield and how they fucked up human lives for fun is disgusting.

And if you go onto watch a little further you would see that the vampires already do this, they just pose themselves as the alleged good guys to keep the smoke off they back. Well not all the time but they know some people either love #PYA them or hate them while at the same time they want to use them. The same can be said with the humans. If you notice Mary Ann feast on the dark, she loves the fact that people are willfully and unwilfully live in ignorance, pride, lust, and greed. To the point they lose themselves because she has lost her #PYA meaning a long time ago. She gives me the Wood Nymph type, the woman who is use to manipulating people to go against their will. Originally these women or creatures are derived from hell they side with Hades or birthed from there. So, it easy for such like creatures to forget #PYA their shadow or even admit they have one. Naivety is their best asset to subdue anyone to go along with their plan.

But the people who go along aren't innocent of the things they do; they know they are merely possessed and unwillingly to break the psychic hold she has on them. You have to look at as if the majority is doing it then #PYA the majority will try to coerce or manipulate you into to doing it. Free will is a bitch and I keep telling you guys' sex is powerful; that why it is best to explore your own sexual curiosity without the forcing of other people opinions or beliefs onto you. Once someone can sway or manipulate you, they control you. That’s why I’m cool #PYA on the orgies and 3-way bullshit a nigga ain’t got two dicks so why do we need to participate in it. I'm a sapiosexual there #PYA are many ways to get someone to their peak of eroticism without the help of another bitch. I'm good.

And to be honest half of these folks practice sex magic, money rituals, and domination rituals. Like damn I can’t do shit I want to do why the hell you feel like #PYA you get to control me. Like these folks couldn’t eat in peace, sleep in peace, and think in peace without this bitch trying emotionally, energetically, spiritually, or even psychically without her invading their space. Boundaries much she kept these folks' psychic #PYA field so low that they probably could’ve endured health issues and spiritual issues out of this world. The woman that like Sam knew this shit #PYA and willingly kept going along with it. I was thinking to myself is she on drugs or just desperate.

She was trying to emotionally entice this man every day to go along with it when she knew he was uncomfortable with the shit Mary Ann was doing. I can see if these was just some freaks who wanted to be a part of something and they #PYA liked the scene; but coercion and manipulating is too much for me. It was giving cult vibes she wanted Sam because she knew he didn’t want her, she was weird, and he was an innocent soul. Mary Ann basically lied #PYA she wanted to summon and sacrifice all these people to bring forth an offering to God a demonic one at that. I feel like she had been rejected from God #PYA so she wanted to make some offering to garner some favor in her interest. A lot of these old teaching used to be outlandish than a motherfucker.

If you think about it these people where crazy as hell on both sides the good and dark side of the world. #PYA It was just the intentions that were used to bring forth their connection to God. These people became lazy, delusional, crazy, selfish, and whoremongers. They had a false reality with love and what love was. They #PYA all were looking for some void to escape the woes of life. These were regular people who didn’t know nothing of the occult and dangerously #PYA became interested in its working. But if you watch the show, they were possessed by her workings. Whenever they used to doubt her, she would cause discord in their life with #PYA spell work, mind manipulation, sex, doubt, and create cords of codependency #PYA so she can feast off of them.

They never tried hard enough to break the cycle so they willingly became a part of something once they knew what came from it. I think this is why they all had shame and never talked about it after the sire bond was broken because in somehow someway, they liked to be used by that demonic ass source. She had a way of making people think that this was going to connect them to a higher power of God don’t this sound familiar to the ones who be spreading my business. I mean I'm all for getting your worship on and whatever you worship in your time but when that shit starts to spread like the plague and affect the masses you are downright crazy.

I just wanted y’all to watch that season so you can see how chaos, mania, drama, and disruption that isn’t expressed in a healthy manner can bred a life of its own and create it’s on reality. To the point that you’ll end up believing into something that may not be true or just for you.


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