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Retrograde Tings

How are y’all surviving this retrograde? I mean seriously my timeline is in shambles and I miss the old funny and quirky post. Is it me or does these retrogrades feel like when Mercury was in Scorpio from libra season all the way up until Sagittarius season? Here’s the link by the way.

Karmic Situations While Mercury is in Scorpio (

Contrary to popular to belief Scorpios can be a bit nostalgic why do we think have or had over the time accumulated so many trauma bond like connections. If you feel how I feel it is as if we are in some parallel universe, trapped in time and trying to make our way back to normal. Days seems to slow while other seems to fast right, but with all these planets doing they retrograde thing let’s just say its somethings they maybe coming back from the grave. By the grave I mean old parts of ourselves we have hidden for so long, conversations that didn’t end, and lovers that didn’t get closure they needed at the end of the relationships.

I mean its smooth when we have one retrograde because it seems as if we all aren’t affected by it but when you have three to four planets singing Michael Jackson Do You Remember The Time? Michael I don’t and please cut it off I did my job on my karmic cycle. Are the things I yell to universe because it feels like everything is going backwards while I’m trying to propel forward. Ironic right, now granted I have no problems when retrogrades happens it’s just the people in my interpersonal relationships that are retrogradish. Life is calling for them to step into the now, but their past holds no comfort so you see the discomfort in their relationships they have with people. I mean if these retrogrades ain’t been showing you how you suppose to get your things together then I don’t know what is.

Its not like you’ll always get some sign from the universe but it could be behavioral patterning, emotional reactions, finances, dating and love, and overall relationships. Retrogrades is nothing but that number 7 energy, just a redo of everything you did from the past. For most people they are okay with that while for some it has been challenging because staying the same just doesn’t sit well with you. I mean the number is endings and completion energy to me. In the words of that new saying I learned your ending is someone else’s beginning. For the life of me could someone please tell me who is that who said that. It came on a YouTube ad, and I can’t seem to find it. That’s neither here nor there. Let me get back on track.

But by it being your ending while its someone’s beginning that doesn’t mean that you have to stay stuck in the mind frame of the old. I’ll give an example: you decided to quit drinking and you have a friend who is going through a hard time and decides to start drinking. Do you take this as a sign to say well one more drink isn’t going to hurt me, when you’ve literally said you were through? The long nights, meaningless sex, emotional pitfalls, driving reckless, moody behaviors, or and let’s add in a little of hospitalization too. You had all the signs to quit but the fact that you see someone close to you doing it and your lack of support to start something has kept you in the same patterning until things gets worse.

And by then who is to blame? No, seriously? Because when your friend decided to do something different for as picking up a habit they just did it. It wasn’t no let me think about my friend I know she’s such a lush. I don’t want to influence her no; they were led by emotions that felt valid at the time to make such a drastic change. So, why can’t you? IT’S ALL ABOUT PERSPECTIVE BABY! And some people just haven’t got to that point and that is okay. Now sometimes you may feel when the planetary alignment is causing a shakeup you would want to run back to the same things that gave you comfort. Because the unknown can be scary when you don’t the certainty of it.