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Reputation vs Repetition

So, after the emotional health blog I took sometime off for me and decided to come up with some other ways to dissect certain things around. I was plagued with people who do the same things over and expect different results and a fair share of people in my business running off old assumptions about me. I believe every person you meet is reflection of who you are, what you are to become, or parts of you, you hide from others.

As I sat back and watch the shit show go on for days, I wondered how no one seen the ploy that was being played out in front their eyes. Hell, when your so folly that can be your own downfall. In the old saying you ain’t slicker than a can of oil and some people think they just are. I watched how the words of people perspective of others travel like bullets from people mouths and while others ducked in fear the others rooted for the demise of another.

But it’s some strange times we are living in, folks wanting healing but wanting some fast result as if it’s some spell for that because we know all magic comes with a price. But I watched how no one was willing to challenge the narrative and being spoon fed lies that only could quench a starving mans appetite. Some people are too nosey for their own good and those same people who lack in their human experience always find ways to be in somebody else business.

But the aggressiveness they had to figure out if something was true or not. Whew, I seen how people could’ve utilize this same behavior for their own good to help themselves. In this journey I have been on this new batch of people will get on the bus and tell me how to drive my bus. Like sweets this ain’t social media I don’t need unwarranted commentary especially if I didn’t ask. I mean we all have our missions in life, but some people are just dead on distractions. I mean they get mad when you come to complete stop and say GET OUT!

Because they aren’t used to being clocked because they’re so accustomed to running fuckery on people who are sheep’s! Even a cow doesn’t even know their strength. But I talk to God a lot and my ancestors and well and have tried many days to reason with them because I just knew they gave me the wrong mission in this life. I told yall I wanted to be a drug dealer girlfriend and we live a rich lifestyle only to reincarnate in this one and have to deal with annoying aggravations on a constant basis. GEESH

Like sir this is the freaking ghetto like where is ascension with the finances. Like they live like this, in confusion and always in each other business JESUS CHRIST! Like somedays I feel like a bird or preferably and owl just sitting in the tree looking at humans making a mess of their life. Then when I jump down, I turn into human form and have to live in the real world with them. Somedays I’m quite apathic as hell because its like clockwork with some people and seeing how the dumb mistakes I made affected my life made me wake up.

I start realizing that the people I let so close to really didn’t know nothing about life. So, people who walk around so oblivious in their actions and accustomed to blaming others for the decision they made got old really quick. I used to hate not knowing how to live my life to my best ability. It’s not like I was in a shackled place but, in my mind, how I was one of the people who didn’t care if I didn’t know.

I’m not talking about the conscious shit I’m talking about how the actions of my parents affecting my parenting. How the friends I chose I choose them because they had the complete opposite affect of those that hurt me only for me to hurt me through them. And then get mad when they hurt me when they really were a reflection of the reality, I made with them. You know the whole projection thing wanting them to be what I thought they could be even if I knew they couldn’t. Baby that’s validation.

And in the words of me baby I’m not parking, and I don’t need you to validate me. But we all need acceptance and that’s apart of physiology, why you think you see so many trying to do anything for clout. I mean that’s what the cool kids did right. I mean they make social media seem as if they on the other side of the world “right”, until you learn they do this to impress you. I mean whose really got the power authenticity gone make a comeback real soon.

But I wrote all this to say that this was the introduction to something new I’m working on and I wanted to share with yall how I came up with this. Because I got tired of y’all acting like the birds on the Windex commercial constantly running in the glass because you thought nobody could see you.



Face first you have to see where you're going before you back to where you were- Marsha Brady

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