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Remember Your Calling!

After its all said and done you have to remember who you are in the end. A lot times as individuals when we reincarnate in this lifetime, we forget what we came to earth to do. After many failed attempts at trying to do things that aren’t for us, we finally get that aha moment of who we are. After trying to tell you guys about my gratitude moment that went to shit, I said to myself just write about it.

Well early today I was watching two tarot videos about twin flame journeys. Don’t ask me how I got there y’all know how I feel about that, but I watched the video, and they had some valid points. The collective in the comments were struggling and going through things I experienced. And I had my aha moment how they were seeking answers to the problems in their life that I had already surpassed. A few days I tweeted about creating more boundaries between me and people.

One because people think a healer is person who consumes all of the problems of the people in the world. When its completely the opposite and healer is a person who full of light. They shine the light in your darkest hour to help you get through those trying times. It isn’t about the love and light they bring to your life but how they show you, you are not alone. So many people who are light works, shamans, tarot readers, reiki specialist, and voodoo priest get caught up in this cycle. Leaving them to not ascend past the 3-D.

Reliving out traumas and going backwards on karmic cycles because they rarely take time out to heal themselves privately so they can go out in the world and shine publicly. A healer isn’t a person who is just experienced in a certain gift that bring people to them for there knowledge. They are people who have been through the pain and willing to show others that the life they life don’t have to be so hard.

So, while I’m scrolling through the comments I had a, Thank You God moment.

Because I hadn’t felt that in a long time because when you are navigating your own personal healing journey and managing a collective of people sometimes, they forget you are human too. You can’t have problems or show weakness in times of need of your strength. Well I beg to differ because that’s childish and it will quickly show you, you need to get boundaries between you and your clients.

As I navigate more in my spiritual journey, I see people who are more content with having a certain spiritual leverage over people that creates the preacher and disciple’s dynamic. Leaving room for jealousy and chaos between other spiritualist because they refuse to work with their guides. Some only use their guides for their dirty work because they are unwillingly to go and ask can you tell me more about my life.

Who knew that spirituality was a competition between others? I think at some moment people have to stop and ask where they are going with their life before they decide to help others out. The reason being because you see so many people talk about magic being done on them because of evil souls. The ones that pretend to be love and light be the first ones to run to the altars and burn candles on you wanting you to trip up. I mean its utterly disgusting. Sorry this blog taking a turn but hey I had to let you guys know.

Because some people don’t know exactly what a soul group and help is like. You just have those who are emotionally stuck, mentally, or spiritually stuck causing havoc in other people’s lives because of their inability to grow. I mean it’s downright trashy everybody wants to be called to lead but everybody doesn’t know how. Some people are just called to show others exactly what it is they need to be because of their mistakes.

I mean I have lower vibrational moments, but not always but when I do bet its somebody learning how they could have handled something differently in their life.

But before I go, I wanted to say don’t forget who you are and what you are made of. Because its people willing to count you out and willing to go the means to stop your growth. As the year closes while we are in Sagittarius season, I want you to take time to self-reflect on your life and the choices you made. Make a list of the people you can call on for anything besides money. If that list is sort, then you need to do some readjusting to how you deal with some people in your life.

Karmic cycles are often recreated by old past live experiences, ancestor lineage, or you not learning the lesson of your own behavior. As the new year begin take time to remember your name and what you were created to do. Stop allowing people to throw you off your course and forcing you to learn the same things over and over again. In the words of an old wise person. If you spend six months cleaning your closet and six months putting things in it how do you have time to worry with anybody else’s issues.

That may seem hard for healers and lightworkers but if you don’t put yourself first you are always going to worry about somebody else’s healing and not your own. Its time to lighten the load you carry for other people and yourself. If your mission is to be something, then be it but don’t go off creating blockages for other people out of your jealously. Its time to clean house and get somethings in order.

So, while you worried about everybody else’s feelings start taking your own into consideration. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR AHA MOMENT FOR THE YEAR?

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