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Relationships Woes

Updated: Jun 19, 2021


It seems like the longer we stay in quarantine the more people in relationships are finding ways of going against the grain. Boredom is on the rise love seems to be lacking and patience is out of the window.

I've been saying that whoever is the passive one in the relationship will be the one to let their balls drop. And by that I mean being able to put their foot down and say enough is enough.

Now this energy won't go over well with your lover boo, bae, or platonic relationships because people have habits and habits is the main thing that is hard to break. Some may take the change in your behavior as an attack on them when it's truly about your purpose as well. I mean its funny how we talk about love and people think it's suppose to be a submerging of the twins all the time. i.e lovers card in tarot

When love is freedom and not bondage, not a cycle of chaos, war, and confusion. My friend that is the opposite and that is hate. And most people don't even understand their own actions that causes confusion in the relationship dynamics they have with people or partners. And that is were we the people are stuck while at the same time wanting to fall more deep in love with the person we are with.

In these trying times the grass will always look greener on the other side. Most people say it's because it's fake, but I also believe there are people who are attending to their own garden. Not focused on the well being of others because they also have work to do because they've worked so hard to become the being they are today. And those people who are going through relationship woes are the ones who can destroy another persons garden because their to busy complaining of their own.

Because love isn't always about being in a relationship with another person. To me it's about being vulnerable with yourself, mastering you, learning your own weaknesses, knowing when to ask for help, and learning new boundaries. We are getting to old be carrying around the baggage of our ancestors, and loved ones that worked so hard for us to have the freedom we have . To be complaining about the same old things that destroyed mankind reasons to love.

No human on earth is designed to be alone, you don't have to be in a relationship but there are friendships that feel like love. It's many ways to experience love outside of being physically touched and binding yourself to a relationship when you haven't even open yourself up to the idea of loving you. Now

I'm not saying we all have been taught to know the value of our self, but the collective of people are waking up.

And I for one along with the world of humans living and breathing all across the globe are tired of creating the cycles of damaged souls and hurt beings. I mean it's easy to hurt someone, but lately people find it hard to share the love. AND THAT SH** SUCKS!