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Relationship Woes


Mirrored emotions can become misled actions! You can't make someone decide to feel your pain the way they made you feel and want them to apologize. It's like saying this is what you did to me but also I want you to get over it while I'm still harboring these emotions! It's like recycling old garbage and trying to make it new again! If you want to be hurt be hurt but be hurt long enough to process that pain and  move through it! Your actions are my reactions. Stop saying what the problem is and find a solution! You have to find someone whose we willing to work with your 80/20 while they balance out your 50/50 emotions!

You can't play with a person emotions and get mad when they become numb to you and your antics! It's like the love is still there but your actions effect the way they chose to show their love for you! I read in a post that love knows no boundaries! Meaning no matter what love will always prevail! You have to decide what your willing to work on and accept it even the things you don't like about a person because that's love! Stop passing boundaries in your relationship because of your insecurities, mixed emotions, and past hurt will always haunt your new relationships!  No matter how hard you try to get a person to understand where you coming from they will never understand unless they're willing to understand! With that being said ask yourself is it worth it!


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