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Relationship Woes

Do mind me ima be in my bag with a couple of these notes cause shawty has struck gold and found some s***. Baby them ted talks back in the day used to be the business now and days it’s just a blah energy. No contrary to popular belief some people think this generation glorifies being single and cutting off people. How sway? No, the hell we don’t its just that times are, and nobody don’t have time to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t a help mate.

Now before you go off telling me that you are, tired of helping people that don’t want to help themselves or don’t appreciate you? Do you ever stop to think that you might have a problem with helping the wrong the people? Now granted before COVID happen a lot of people was pushing through. Working long hours just pay rent because nobody wants to stay with, they folks. So, the crashing off the economy didn’t hit them until we all recognized that rent still needed to be paid. Sorry to tell you only scammers and rappers ball all year. Not on this watch sweetie we break that down and ball on a budget.

Them dates we used to go out on to replace the fact that we needed a vacation from our jobs really didn’t matter anymore. Because living or dead them bills still need to get paid. It’s a harsh reality but it is the truth and so trying to force yourself to like someone when you don’t is horrible for your sanity. Now I’ll give you this a lot of people are vain and aren’t looking for love. They’re actually seeking emotional companionship while they navigate this rough human experience. The fact that they seldomly pay attention to their emotions they think other people are always supposed to please them.

Now granted some of us has come from married folks and seeing them not living they dreams made us hate wanting to fall in love. With the way the gender roles are setup and fascist beliefs are killing off love who wants that shit. Some of us come from a heritage of folks who has hardships with men and women and lost themselves in the wrong person. And it took them years to gather the pieces of themselves because they both failed to know when to walk away. So, with a generation that is coming into the knowledge of selflove and healing its pushing relationships to the back.

Hell, we rarely have time for our friends because we are trying to get ourselves together so trying to push ourselves into something that people feel is right for us is kind of wrong. I believe that we all are coming into our own discovery of what love is. This is why certain people are attracted to people because of what frequency they operate own. I believe we all find what works for us at a certain time period in our life until it just doesn’t anymore. And that’s okay. It’s just do you stay and work out with the nouns in your life, chose you, or something different for once.

I mean if we really talk about it, people really don’t have great team player skills. I mean coming from dysfunctional families where the mama competes with the daughter, the father pushing his son to live out his dream, and family competing with each other how can one know what is to be supportive. I mean love to me is more than a feeling. Sometimes it’s a verb, sometimes it’s a noun, and sometimes it’s just an adjective but its all about how it plays out. I mean we all talk about love language but is your love language based on the loved you lacked as child or who you are now. That’s the questions we never seem to ask ourselves because society has this way of saying that we are supposed to have it all together. Like our parent raised us to discover who we are at heart, hell them niggas got trauma they need to heal from.

Sidebar have yall ever stop think about how the older your parents got they just automatically stop whooping the grandkids. Nigga what the hell, do you know how many times they could’ve changed the direction of a child’s life by having a conversation like do these heartless suckas. Sighs now let’s get back on the subject.

To me I feel like we are looking for freedom to live comfortably with our emotional expression’s it’s just that the close-minded people have to catch up. But I wrote all this to say that don’t let somebody ruin your peace by trying to force you out of singlehood. Because sometimes some people aren’t alone they are working on mastering themselves so they want lose a peace of themselves in the idea of love.

Remember don’t forget YOUR STANDARDS. But don’t let your standards be the reason your single and by that, I mean being so focused on what you don’t want that you end up missing out on what you need. AND ONE DAY WE GONE HAVE A CONVERSATION ABOUT HOW SOME OF Y’ALL ARE LOVERS OF YOURSELF AND ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW IT AINT NO REAL NIGGAS/WOMEN OUT HERE. BECAUSE YOU TO BUSY ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT YOUR DAMN YOURSELF

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