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Relationship Struggles.

At this time we're being forced to be around our partners 24/7. You know your normal routine could be shook up, not being able to go to work can be taxing. Most of the daily struggles like getting up out of bed going to work and dealing with day was apart of a routine. Now we're are confined to the house. Well some us aren't we still are traveling going to work and dealing with life. Now I know this routine can be a bit much for some couples. Depending on the reaction one has towards this pandemic can cause a World War in the home front. We are now being stripped from the things we take for granted that we use as buffers in relationships. You know video games, social media scrolling, movie watching, and etc now has become a source of need to be entertained while being at home. I know it can be taxing on socialites having to come up with content because America is bored as hell right now. Newsflash make they ass wait, yeah I said it make them wait.

Social media has placed this high demand. on people to demand other people to do things without the regard of your regular life. I mean codependent a bit much. Now I'm not trying to stop nobody bag you know how I feel GET PAID, GET PAID, but also do it in your comfort setting. Now back to the relationship topic. This can be a great time for partners to be able practice patience with each other. I mean it can be a bit unsettling to find out on your off day your spouse is home ruining your me time. Asking unnecessary questions, starting arguments, in other peoples business and just in your space. That now your reaction can cause a bigger fight into the relationship. I mean you're not the only one going through this hello. Other people are to it's some people aren't so easily overwhelmed with fear and trivial matters. If you're the strong one in the relationship ,and a little bit more reasonable your partner expects you to be a little more patient with them while your barely maintaining your cool with yourself.


1. Just because you have to be in a confined space together doesn't mean you have to be in each other face. Breath, go sit outside, read a book. Separate you're not in a prison some of you have nice homes utilize it. Let that man/woman play that game in peace. Let her/him watch them makeup tutorials on YouTube. Hell role play or something don't just be having sex because your bored killing off that romance. Spice it up.

2. Do something fun or competitive and remember it's just a game. Whoever wins the games shouldn't roll into an argument because you feel it can. Majority of women do this sorry ladies. This is the perfect time for you build that intimacy back up that you had in the beginning you know how it was when you just can get enough of each other. You know it's not a race take your time. Relax I know this can be very hard for some people in a relationship that feel like they have to do something.

3. Fellas, if you have a stay at home wife please take into account that woman does everything to keep that house clean. Also ladies reverting to nagging and complaining because things aren't the way you like them isn't cute. Remember he's not at home with you often, this is his vacation time also. Now I'm not giving somebody an excuse to justify their behavior but tone and tact goes along way. You busy bodies don't be creating things for your spouse to do because you're in content with sitting still. You don't control them they're human not a robot. Remember this is the motto Happy Spouse, Happy House.

4.Quiet time! This is not the time to be concocting questions that you've been wanting to ask that's gone start an argument. Please pick yo battles wisely. I don't want to see you on the news for shit starting. Excuse my language. Some of you have kids in the home the goal is to raise kids who don't need therapy for family issues. I know it may not mean no harm, but if you been in a good space don't ruin it because your so used to chaos that peacefulness feels like confusion too you.

5. Last, but least enjoy learning. This is the time that most couples actually get to sit back and overlook all their accomplishments as a team. I mean you get to see a different side of your partner that you normally don't see. Whether it's playing with the kids, smiling, laughing, and just happiness enjoy it. Many people work jobs, create jobs, and buy things that don't never get to enjoy. This is that time to get back into those little things. Remember this isn't a race. So, if you want to try things have it, but don't get mad when partner isn't into as much. We're just trying to create a sane environments for us to enjoy the human connections. Enjoy each other and don't get mad when one doesn't

wants to do the opposite. Your individual happiness matters also.

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