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Recap Of The Dark Knight

Girl is it me or lately I been having to repeat myself over and over again. I ask myself am I not speaking properly, clearly, with precision, or even speaking English. I checked the website to see if wrote about the dark knight of the soul and I did I broke it down in several ways, so I guess we just need a recap. I have no problem with doing that, but everybody learns differently so I guess we can do it again. I will insert the blogs down below.

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So bare with me while I gather these thoughts together. A lot of people think the dark knight of the soul is something that is beautiful when I beg to differ. It is a time where you sit and heavy reflect upon on the things that had occurred in your life. Sometimes it is divine intervention and sometimes it is the karma that has set out to get us back into alignment with ourselves. But there are many who don’t know this because they take this as a hit to the solar plexus and it crushes their belief system. Whether it be in the most high or just universal aspects. Sometimes we forget that are only man and we didn’t create this human design and that sometimes lead those who are so gung ho for power lost when they feel they have no power to change the internal belief system. How they feel about themselves? How have they treated others? The things they have done to destroy other people’s happiness and the will to live at all cost.

And deep heavy reflection like this sometimes requires a teacher who is more skilled in area than you. It is where we see the monks on, the movies who go into retreats to get a better meaning or understanding of life. It is where we see people who pack up all their bags and move to another state and live a new life. Or the quitting a job and chasing your dreams. It hits everyone different and that is their story to find out not mines. And life is only defined by what it is that you came into this lifetime to do. The akashic readings, the past life regression, the shamanic soul retrieval, the tarot readings, and the drumming’s won’t get you no closer to who you are. You have to be willing to get closer to finding out who you are.

How can we want to know God when we have yet gotten to know ourselves. We skip over the lessons we have encountered in this life and the families we reincarnated to just to say we have power in an area someone else don’t. Spirituality is not ego it is where the ego and man can coexist in the same place. #PYA! But we have a few people who think that they are God, or they are destined to set out on a mission to find the meaning of these things. I do believe there are people who are called to do these things but not everyone is called to do. Magic is so water down this day and age because everybody wants to take, take it and be something they are not, or take something from someone else. Well, if you watered your own grass, you wouldn’t be worried about what someone else has.

It is something over there for you but you’re too focused on trying to see what everybody else has on their plate. It’s like we all go out to restaurant and we all order what it is that we want and you decided you wanted something different it