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Quick Update

A new week has begun and let me tell you this a way to start. The energy of let down seems to be all around and the misery loves company just seems to be like hey join me. Aht, aht we not doing that today. Transitioning into this week has been a challenge and let me tell you, it’s just Monday as I thought on the drive to get my child from school. Actually I thought it was Tuesday. The days has been getting me because baby she is really tired of the drive to school. I sure do miss the online aspects because that shit was smooth for me. I'm starting to see why people have started to homeschool their kids. The drama, the job, balancing work, and the continuation of drama is like boy if you don’t get this shit over with.

The bully trying to bully a bully ain’t working at this state and time because we all want peace, but how do you find peace when you have someone who wants to challenge the air of tranquility? The person who you have a talk with who is repeatedly doing the same things that is kinda getting old. Like what are you my child? I think I can say as an adult we have to learn to be responsible for ourselves at some point and time. As much as I preach about having a community the community is the strongest as it weakest asset and some people fail to understand. They like to appreciate the commoderites of it but appreciating, understanding boundaries, knowing what is off limits, and when enough is enough is when you have to say this place isn’t for me. Conflict only works best when change is applied after the effect of it. When you have people who thrive off of pain you only end up making them victims to keep the remedy for pain going.

Some people don’t deserve your kindness and I think that is something the collective is waking up to. It doesn’t mean you have be a douche about it but know your limits. Everybody has their day and it comes and point in time where you have to ask yourself what am I giving up for the situation to not benefit me in the long run. Is the consequence worth the action and is not having an acting result in you still having consequences to a problem you didn’t start? Is a question a lot of people should be asking themselves. Y’all weekly readings will be dropping. The love readings already out and I might drop a romance something on the board so we can switch this energy up. Because girl dealing with entitled ass men who think it’s cute to feelings and not know what emotions they are operating out of exhausting. It’s like how you're mad at me for being mad at you for something you did to me? Make it make sense, beloved. It’s time to wrap this party up so we can go.

So, we can go into the chapter of our lives where we can have the after parties with certain guests and not be inclusive to the messy bunch.


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