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I seen someone try to book a reading on the website. I have not finished setting up the e-commerce due to hacking. The only way you could pay for a reading is unless you email me then we can go forward. Until I get new devices I can only take online bookings through the email. Sorry for the inconvenience but to keep the fake pages, scam artists, and hackers we have to play this the old school way.

I know you may say that's too much but child having people constantly trying to come for your business has been a hassle for me as well. I had to shut down all of my sites that require people to send money. I only have cash app if it isn't $shaeshaelane then you are sending and purchasing with the wrong person. P.S. I don't tell people to send the money before the reading until the day of the appointment preferably before it is scheduled. I don't do the whole send it and go flake on people. Bare with a nigga because we coming out a tough cycle too. If you need me you can always live chat for free.


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