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Power Struggle

Power Struggle

The funny thing about being in a power struggle is nine times out of ten you probably don’t have good intentions for something. Hey, it’s true I’ve been there when I wanted something so bad only to find out when I got it, it requires a s*** ton of things for me to do. No, I’m talking about a job for some of you that be it, but I’m talking about life and love.

See humans are funny to me because they act like they are God and can control people’s fate when actual reality we all have free will. In the words of my father the more I talk to you the dumber I get. Seriously lately I have found myself bored with the same ladada dee a** messages. It’s old not me and quite frankly the same. The constant explaining your message, your craft, and your persona is getting pretty damn old me.

I don’t know if it is this new age let me tell my story to connect with you so you can understand me type of thing.

But let’s just say that’s not my thing for those of you who have been down with my cause I truly appreciate you for being on this clustered journey of chaos and back to peace with me. But, every once and while we find ourselves preaching to masses and when fat mama messages gets old and washed y’all know she leaves to find her peace. By peace I mean I’m talking about my creative niche, the va va voom to my life.

My inner child she just wants me to say that she wouldn’t be some of y’all friends on God.

Seriously while we speak of that why the older we get, we think or society teaches us the more we are exposed to something we are supposed to accept that it is part of your life. Newsflash did we just skip over the term free will.

But I didn’t come on here for all that let me gone get the blog started.

Power Struggles in Relationships

Relationships can be tricky to manage especially if you’re a narc, controlling, needy, unevolved, childish, emotional manipulative, cold hearted, aloof, or dominating. It really can be at times because love knows no bounds but the human mind, body, and spirit has to learn to have them. Funny right, how one word can change a person’s perception making them feel entitled to who and what you are as a person.

You see it all the time with parents raising their kids to live out their expectations crippling the child to become something hate. Keeping that same cycle of hurt energy into the family until the golden child i.e. the black sheep has enough. We all know this story to well.

Power struggle tactics in relationships can go one or two ways very fast that usually end up dying fast or person ends up staying because of obligation. The first power struggle is the head strong I know I’m strong, I’m smart and you have to follow me in order to be able to survive in this connection. Newsflash the person you dating, married to, or in relationship isn’t on a clock. Chill, you are killing off the love in that relationship so fast.

Most of the times women fall into these categories because of the ability to emotionally get her spouse or a man to bend to her will. But what happens when he doesn’t want too anymore? Do you have a temper tantrum and accuse them of the all the things you are? Or do you doubt your whole existence because they no longer rely on your need of validation to live? Trust I know men can do the whole emotional manipulative thing, but they learn this from a woman or some woman.

If you think I’m lying watch man who’s so used to women being enamored with him that when it’s time for him to tell the person he actually likes he can’t say a word. He either sabotages the connection by trying to get her attention or fail at taking the risk. I just had to use that example because Masculine and Feminine energy doesn’t have no identity at all. I said energy okay!

I mean who taught us or who showed us that somebody and everybody has to bend to your will. I mean that is why all these love spells going awry these people done put on they boos. Y’all know back in the day woman had to do what they had to do to get a person. In this day and age people just lazy and set in they ways when it comes to love.

I get it, it’s hard keeping love and finding it as well but to expect or to stop someone else from not having expectations in the relationships always end up in the battle of who’s right. Because so what you been hurt, you got cheated on before, it was a period in your life where you didn’t find love, and just when you finally started to be more open that is when love came.

So, now you do any and everything for your person, that somehow ends up being the wrong thing because you so focused on what you need and not the other person. I said love knows no bound so if it could get you to change, speak, think, or act in a different way what makes you think that love wont have the same effect on someone else.

They may not desire the things you need, but they still desire somethings and that is a problem when someone is so focused on pleasing