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Poverty Consciousness

Poverty Consciousness

Sometimes poverty can be one of the greatest lessons that you can have under your belt. Now, hear me out I’m not talking about being broke but for those of us whom has experienced this we know the hardships that came from it. Poverty shows you many things about yourself besides someone calling you lazy because they experience hardships from time to time. Now financial literacy is a totally different thing from just being flat out broke. Now granted in some cases some people do be the reason why they experience the things they do but this blog isn’t about that. This is about those humble beginnings before you bought that car, house, paying off that debt, started that business, and finally being able to pay your rent on time. Won’t God do it show he will.

When people finally reach that moment of success in their life they start to forget who they used to be. Not because they don’t want to be broke anymore it is because the emotions that came with being broke caused them a lot of hardships. It wasn’t because they couldn’t get the money they just didn’t know what success ever felt like. Think about it have you ever been in a mentor program growing up where you have seen people work and have genuine success. Not the family, the house, and lover. I’m talking about living carefree and able to be live in luxury in peace? Luxury isn’t always the finest cars, jewel, and labels on clothes it’s the ability to be who you want to be and do what you want to do with yourself right. That’s power than many haven’t been able to have.

Because naturally when you start to make a whole lot of money you see people change the way they deal with you because you have something they need. So, they feed your ego and not your spirit causing some people to feel high and mighty because of what they do for people physically than mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Money has the ability to change everything and everyone around you this is the problems people have failed to understand. When you have people who don’t allow money to change how they deal with you then you have gained true power. That my friend is a love and bond that can ever be broken even by some of the most greatest forces.

Us poor folks say all the time to the rich man if I had that money they make shiddd, I would never be unhappy. They tell us to make it and then when we do and still have some form of happiness they get mad because we sat back and learned the things they didn’t. Money for us and some doesn’t make us feel like we have to be rude to waiter at Waffle House or the male/ female who bag my groceries. It doesn’t grant us ownership over those because of the class they reside in, they choose those lives as well those who choose to be rich. We don’t desire to own them we don’t have slaves any more people are free to come and go as they please.

As we all have our own mistakes to make as well but I just wanted to share this with a couple of folks who are struggling with managing their success. Because we talked about this 2 years ago how people forget the lessons they learn so they’ll come back around to take you on that old karmic ride to see if you doing the same things.

New Levels Old Devils (


1. Patience, yeah I said it. It did teach you somethings because you had to wait on the job application to respond back. Wait on others and as well as being waited on by others. Come up with different techniques to survive, whether it was odd in jobs, hustling to make money, and learning to watch your temper. It taught you how to have hope in the darkest of situations in your life especially for those of you who didn’t give up. When life seem as if it was upside down you still kept going even if you cried.

2. Acceptance, remember those friends you used to hang with all the time that never took an interest into who you really where. You had to accept that in order to move into that next chapter of your life. You allowed them to show you who they where before you decided to say enough is enough. Even if you didn’t get the chance to say it you did it though. Actions sometimes can be substituted for your words.

3. You learned how to make a dollar stretch and the power of a no. It may not seem like it even you wanted to spend it on something else. You still learned to make your money work for you even if the odds were stacked against you. It taught you the value of it as well as when you had to make things shake in life. How you weren’t going to take no for an answer.

4. It showed you all your character flaws. Whether it was the way you talk, act, dress, think, speak, or even put up with shit. Think about it when you don’t have what you need from life you start to really start to chip away at it. It taught you confidence, self-acceptance, and grit to keep on moving and accept the things you can’t not change. It also showed you how to shine in the darkest hours and when to pull that light back in.

5. Money, it didn’t cure your loneliness because if someone wanted to be in your life they were going to be there regardless of if you had 5, 10, 100, or even a million. It taught you that loneliness was the experience you had from being around people who didn’t share the room. Because they were to consumed, with themselves to get that and that is perfectly fine. Some people aren’t your enemy they just never deserved to be crowned a FUCKING FRIEND!

6. LAST BUT LEAST, it showed you how to build a foundation for yourself and if you ever had to show someone else you already got the tools for it. It made you a teacher in your right because even though you may have felt you failed many times, but the fact you decided to keep going is a master within self.

Now keep in mind poverty conscious isn’t always about money sometimes it’s the things we don’t feel that we deserve. So, we undermine ourselves, low ball ourselves, dim our light, don’t promote your work, or even believe in the idea of love.


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