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Playing In The Shadows


It seems as if the season is moving and a lot of people are forgetting to do their shadow work because sometimes it’s hard making a choice when it’s you, you are choosing. Some people think that is an easy choice for some people because naturally we all have our own selfish kicks, but when we have been brainwashed and conditioned to do certain things sometimes you forget you can get out. People like to condition us as a society that we should take own more and carry the burdens of others as if ii is a reward in that. Now, I ain’t no bible thumper but ain’t that’s that nigga Jesus job. As an empath you can find yourself displaced and harboring energies that aren’t even yours. And some people forget how challenging it can be to do your own dirty work, so why should we always put the need of others before ourselves. Now the ones that like to quote me better than you do your own teachings you know I always say in order for me to better me and to show up in the world and to do my job I have to make sure I'm straight first.

As a person who lacked boundaries with people in my life. You can see this is why I have people feeling entitled to things because they knew me years ago. Which I find utterly selfish because for those ones who say they love me so much why do they feel the need to think I'm going to disregard my feelings for theirs. Baby, no ma’am when I learned to start saying no and taking that bad guy name with a badge of honor, I learned how quickly I became the topic of discussions. How I ended up being disbanded from places I had no thoughts of going to, not being invited to places they always fight at, and my favorite kicking you out of the group chat. Baby I hate them chain mails anyways so, it was a blessing to be in the energy of me for once. I know it may seem shitty but if me calling my energy back, blocking you from reading on my energy, and saying this isn’t the place or time to discuss this subject. Causes a problem then baby I was bound to be an enemy in the first place.

And no, I don’t think everyone is my enemy, but some people think like that, and you have to let them have that. I don’t even think I announced myself as a healer for people to try me the way they do, it was a rumor mill gossipy ass boy who felt the need to say I was a witch as if he doesn’t have some voodoo bed closeted witch to cause discord and chaos in other people lives. It's funny how the pot calls the kettle black because they be discontented with themselves. Outside of that I found myself having to do massive energy clearing on a day-to-day basis because of the environment I'm in and career field I took on. I'm not saying that as tarot reader, psycho therapist, and counselor that I don’t come in contact with things but some shit be sent on purpose with purpose. And the shit that kills me is they get mad when you send it back! What are they teaching in these damn cults or special groups? Because for the life of God, Him, or Satan need to come get they people because they doing too damn much.

It’s like the devil doesn’t know he the devil no more or some. It’s like nigga you see these weird as people doing all of this I know y’all got some type of structure and order over there, come get them. It’s like this nigga acting like that one dog owner saying they dog don’t bite when clearly indeed those bitches bite. It's like put a puzzle on them before somebody else do. I don’t know if it is because people are bored this day and age and they find themselves looking up more ways to get into trouble. Or they think trial and tribulations is going to work for them because sweetie some of y’all skipped some steps. And that karma be eating y’all ass up I be on the sideline like, you know what ima mind my business and sit this one out because this ain’t my type of party. I can see if I stole a bitch baby food out her mouth, rob of her blessings, and stole something from her. But I ain’t done none of that to endure the attacks a hoe been under. If it ain’t my hating ass family and they fake ass cult vibes, they got going on it’s a another.

It's like damn they can’t get mad at me because they don’t know portion control and went off stole everything, frauded people, and scammed people out of they money. Every crook knows it’s a limit on shit and when to walk away and when some shit seems too good to be true. And then you have those who act like those entitled bad ass kids who feel like just because they mama ain’t paying attention they can keep doing shit. And let me tell you something them motherfuckers is dangerous because they’ll have you thinking everything is okay meanwhile you don’t know the hell you are about to pay for shit. MORAL OF THE STORY MIND YOUR BUSINESS, STAY OUT OF THE WAY OF CERTAIN PEOPLE, AND LET SPIRIT WASH SOME PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR LIFE.


As a child I used to hear the term either you gone sink or swim and a person who can’t swim I used to say, “what if I can’t swim”? Boy did I piss some niggas off because I knew they was trying to get a point across meanwhile I was genuinely worried about my safety. When I learned that it was a metaphor and that it hinted on burning a bridge with some people and being okay with knowing you gone have to roll with the punches of life. Baby, I cried, punched, and screamed but it taught me that I could get through anything. Now, some stuff was unnecessary, the hidden challenges, fights, arguments, fall outs, toxic habits, pessimism and optimism attitude, and running away every time something went wrong or weighed me down. It was like I trained my inner warrior to assess everything as a threat even if it means losing out on blessings.

The shitty part about it, I found out the more and more I became closed off to love, support, and help. I kept people on my path who didn’t mean me no good and treated me emotionally shitty and for a person who talks about doing the work it was a challenge to sit down with myself. And say child, you fucking up. Because when you have been so accustomed to your way of doing things you block out other people's ways of doing things even if it means not listening. It became a challenge over time because the more I wanted people to hold space for me they didn’t want to listen to me because they felt I didn’t value their opinion because I was young, dumb, and hot headed. Which furthermore at the time validated a point in my mind that nobody cares about nobody.

Child, that was the people I was hanging around and they really had me fooled when it came down to me. Because the parts of me I wanted to keep hidden like my messed-up ways they also loved because it benefited them somehow. But I felt they were the only people who would accept my bad behavior. See, the shadow is like the watt pad movie to where we all want to let our inner beast and we have that person who isn’t afraid. Not to calm us down but they have seen how ugly we can get. The ones who show us no judgement but that also comes with decisions and change. In order for a shadow to be fully accepted it has to be understood of the reasoning why it does what it does and why it reacts in such places. And some people aren’t comfortable with that because the shadow knows what it wants which is peace. To be left alone, undisturbed, and hidden. An unblended shadow can be the demise of those people, places, and things around you. Because the questioning can become triggering for you embarking on uncharted territories because it knows what is a threat to them.

The mind is a powerful tool, and it can be wasted in a million ways and also poisoned by the words of its environment. - lane m. And as humans we think you should get over it, or why are you so uptight, or what's wrong I didn’t say anything wrong. Sometimes that is the case but in many cases to another it can be downright offensive. No, I'm talking about cultural beliefs, racism, systematic oppression, or homophobia. It can be generally trying to get to know someone, and they can take the utmost offense to this. I have learned as a person with a lot of Scorpio placements I don’t like when people try to get to know me too fast. I always state my Venus is in Capricorn we take things slow around here. The work gone pan out and I don’t believe in having people work with no reward in mind. That’s selfish when I could’ve just decline the over in the first place. #period

And I want people to really get it out of their heads that the shadow is some evil entity it's just like the movie with the little girl on inside out. You never know what someone is capable of, what they are going to become, what truths they are hiding, and why they are what they are. It is the resilience that we are made of. That makes us feel like we have to protect apart of us that no one deserves to know. Hey, if anybody is trying to get to know you to fast yell out “SLOW DOWN”! Because some of these things be trying to spiritually get to know you before they know the real you. Sometimes some people don’t deserve access to your spiritual body before you know them. I may be wrong but the way I done seen these people turn into the invasion of the body snatchers. I don’t want no parts of that. But if you are looking for friends or to be a friend hey, I like to court my friends without all of the witchery being involved.

It's just the way I was spiritually raised, you don’t go sweeping around someone else's door because some people be having attachments. I got some links below, it might jog your memory.

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