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Pisces Monthly Tarot


Overall messages waiting on someone to make a decision, deciding if you should leave something alone, forge your own path, dealing with a absent father or man in your life, battling the authorities, and leaving toxicity in the past. Keywords circles by Atlantic Starr

It seems as if you are going round and round about a certain issue could be dealing with a Capricorn because they had the same thing you probably should check your chart in 3rd house. Some of y’all could be trying to reconnect with a father figure or the man who you had kids with and let me say it ain’t giving pretty. Because someone stills loves someone all the meanwhile someone doesn’t its not that they don’t love them, they just don’t like certain attributes they have. It could be a family dynamic with someone who has strict rules and so hell bent on things being a certain way. I say OCD. Someone isn’t a state of harboring old wounds, but boy do they have that hey I got my eyes on you type energy.

Talk about a lack of trust this could be due to someone being hurt early on by a parental figure in their life that they became, so blocked off to love that the only way they can show it is as if you follow, their rules. Damn, in my smokey voice. Hey, Alexa play Trust Issues by Drake. That’s some tough energy to go up against because you are damned if you and damned if you don’t with this energy. Someone may come off cold in their approach but they not they just set in they ways. On the other hand, for some of you somebody dating a cheater a cheater, pumpkin eater that don’t give a damn about nobody but themselves. You can take a rule out of they playbook because guess what they going to do what makes them happy by any means necessary.

On the other hand, there is some abuse that has come up in a family dynamic and if you black let’s just say in our community they like to sweep things under the rug. Which I’m fine with handling issues in a family dynamic but somethings need to be known and not closed off way because that is how trauma resurfaces again. Handle it how you want to handle it but lying and suppressing issues like it didn’t happen is a pain within itself. I see someone betraying somebody in a relationship whether it is talking about they kids, being drunk all the time, passing out, working in the witching hours, and living a double life. If you are the mediator or someone else is baby yall or them is giving them the works. Jesus and it seems like there is no resolve on the matter.

This is people who like talk about the issues to be spiteful, towards each other, badmouth, shame, and keep up drama. Child, it is messy. Cancers had this all you have to do is pull a page out of they book like I said go into hermit mode because shouldn’t nobody be around that much drama. And let me tell you the drama I be having to put up with itself is so taxing. Baby run the hills and in my scar voice and never look back. Some of you guys have to find away to deal with your down time because I see that is a struggle for you. Do you do the same things that keep you creatively blocked? Have you asked yourself is it a certain reason why you block yourself off when it comes to certain belief systems?

I heard that some of you like a challenge so where are you challenging yourself that is for your embitterment? Because y’all get bored easy and then find y’all selves doing things to burn yourself out. Somebody is dealing with some sexuality issues. Could be preference or should I let this nigga/chick fuck or not? Because somebody is trying to see if it is really worth the hassle or the hype. I know that’s right. Emotional manipulation ain’t serving nobody because you can see somebody only do it when they jealous and can’t get the way. I don’t know what the hell y’all got going on. Somebody is shit starter and a firecracker baby put them in timeout because we don’t have time for that.

That betrayal y’all did to somebody is coming back up to the forefront and I see some of y’all not wanting to deal with, so they’ll rather stay in the shit. Child, you can’t help everybody. For some of y’all the person who you are having sex with or sexually attracted too is cold hearted as hell so y’all be trying to get an emotional reaction out of them. When they already open to the idea of you, you don’t want to push them away from you. For others this is like a game for you because you trying to keep your cool but at the same time you trying to let a nigga know what’s up. “YA NASTY”! Don’t be so quick to write things off and move in haste because you may find something that’s of value to you.

When it comes to emotional expression there is a better way to tell your partner about the things that bother you instead of creating mountains out of mole hills. You don’t want someone to think that you are strong all the time that the only way they see you sad, hurt, or in disbelief is when something isn’t going your way. This is a major block in your relationship and relationships with people that causes you or them to always feel like they have to keep up at your pace to give you what it is you need. And it stops the emotional manipulation right in its tracks when you are dealing with people who are so dead set on having, they way.

Some of y’all dealing with a jealous woman who likes to create doubt in others, the way your belief system is set up, who you love, and who you date. This could be a mother figure or an older woman who is just set in her ways and thinks they knows what is best for you when it has you trying to dominate your lovers. Which is crazy and has left you in some third party dynamics because the only men or women who has put up with this is those who also like a challenge as well. But it came with lies, deceit, betrayal, and lust. But I see you or someone getting over that its just getting you to move in the right direction.



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