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Pisces Monthly Reading


The word that popped up was corn maze and I said what the hell. I will plug the blog below so you can go look it up. Dream about corn maze (Fortunate Interpretation) - Dreams`opedia (

I tried searching for other meanings but feel free to do the work with me. For some this may be hinted toward your crown chakra to where you want to get something out of your head or unlock your mind. You may be living out of a paradigm that longer serves you at this time and it maybe a block for you. Greed and financial ruin is an issue you may be focusing on at this state and time. Someone needs to do some financial healing and root chakra work so you can become more stabilize in your life. Whew one of y’all baby daddy is a monster or fighting demons and this is wreaking havoc on someone's sanity. This could even be a custody battle and someone is spiteful for no reason on the other hand somebody thinks a baby is going to keep someone bound to them.

If you haven't seen that is time to pack it up and go then I don’t know what to tell you. If this is always holding on arguments, disagreements, and people. Let me tell you it will only become heavier when you keep on persisting that something stays the same or go in your favor. Spiritual exhaustion could be a problem because you could be all spiritual but on the practical side you are lacking. If you are a healer, root worker, or practitioner it is time to get a schedule. Because you just toting around dead energy wherever you go and this has people fleeing or leaving you with everything. Now this could be the other way around because I see some projecting and unwilling to take accountability. But it's always the energy of I give you take or you take and take its never and equilibrium in these relationships.

Somebody got a stalker on they hands and this may land them in court. Either somebody put you out a home or you put this person out of house and they keep trying to case the place. Like I'm getting in this house one way or another. On the flip side if you a dude your son caught you cheating and they don't respect you no more. Someone just don’t know when to give up they may even try to run you over with a car or chase behind it if you are trying to get away from them. It's like this person sits and waits for a response so they can do something foul to you. I see someone getting mad and putting they hands on you and you may not like this because you have been the bully in this situation. If it was gossip someone gone say what the hell you said because they tired of you getting away with everything.

It may come out of spite but it's just a dose of your own medicine because someone is calling someone a know it all. If these are your friends, I'm here to tell you they are not your friends y’all just hang with each other because you bored and HAVE nothing else to do. Someone maybe getting out of jail and expecting to hear from you or trying to establish what went wrong in your relationship. This person is going to leave you alone but when they leave you alone just know it's going to be with sheer disgust. It's like if they were broke and you didn’t want them when they get up, I don’t see this person helping you. If they needed you and you turned your back on them, I don’t see this coming to a state of amends. Because this person mind was made up when they finally decided to call it quits.

This could be a sneaky link or someone who is always lying to you, about you, on you, for you, and making people come up against you. And they think all man you can forgive me we do this all the time; I see somebody took it too far. Even down to spell work, casting on they friends, doing death magic, poppet dolls, roadblocks, hexes, curses, jinn, and jinx. This person maybe suffering because of this and they feel like they did no wrong. Someone may end up getting into a verbal altercation down on the job because they feel like people supposed to read, they mind. And this is going to come as a shock because no one would've seen this shit coming. This may even have someone losing a job due to heavy drug use, alcohol abuse, and their insecurities.

For some someone wants to give this person another chance because they never knew this person felt this way. The other half like hell no get her ass out of her and good riddance. Some of y’all need to create boundaries between you, your family, and friends. They problems are not yours you don’t have to be Mr./Ms. Fix IT. This maybe even as simple as letting this person not drive your car anymore because they always damaging your property. Slamming your doors hard, keying your car, fucking with your tires, and trying to put bodily fluids in people's food. This person is fucking disgusting and if you don’t see it, I don’t know what else you need to see.

If you getting any weird invitations at this time to go any places please don’t go because this may land you into some shit you can’t get out of. Somebody has the angel of death around them this could be due to someone doing all of that black magic on people or someone sent this entity out to someone. And for some this spirit is fucking with your mind having you paranoid and feeling uneasy about somethings. If you stay out that spirit realm, stop calling on demonic entities, and feasting off of peoples third eye you want be feeling so dizzy like you are about to pass out. Ground yourself and learn that spirituality isn't about winning and getting downloads and constantly pushing out messages. There are creative ways to use your spirituality. If this isn't you and you have been feeling these spiritual hiccups because this person has been doing this to you.


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