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Pisces Monthly Energy Reading


KEYWORDS: I can't make this up, So What by Ciara and Goodie Mob, Can I Talk You Jodeci, putting a thing behind you, putting things in to plan, and GHOSTING!

  • Disclaimer: remember we are in the element of water and those signs associated with this are (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer). They are being written up individually this month if you see me placing need instead of suggesting it is a grammatical error. Because I don't like telling grown folks what they need to do. But the message still came across that way. Remember I am affiliated with no tarot readers, psychos, medium, guides, shamans, or corporations. So, don’t go off clicking on fake links and pages.

Some of y'all may have been getting the urge to get on down! And being in the energy of out of sight and out and mind. Because you have too many people that's starting to come off as obligations and too many favors on the board. When do you rest? Because someone has been trying to get towards the goal of self but you have been in the energy of look, don't touch, and this is all I have. It isn't coming from the place of lack but you have been wanting a break.

This may have been season where certain people has been aggravating to you and unconsciously you have been passing it off as a bad day. And some of you are starting to see how quickly you have allowed someone's nasty attitude and ways get to you. I don't know if is the mind games they play or the emotional manipulation tactics they have but baby it's old. If you feel you have miscommunicated with someone you didn't you said what was needed to be said. Because you have been trying to get through the forest to atleast see the sight of the trees.

Some of you have been in the energy of wanting to see yourself differently but you have been dealing with a few insecurities and it seems to overshadow a lot of moments you have with people. So this season you are going through seems a bit difficult because the challenges you are dealing with is coming from within. It's more of a moral thing where you stand on your soap box and feel as if other peoppe should be here. It gives freedom fighters. And the more you walk this journey it seems as if no one is listening. Sometimes they ain't because spirit want you to do it for you.

We can exhaust ourselves too much at times when we don't know how to stop and say this is for me, this is what I need. So, we continue more down on a journey that ends up being a passway we shouldn't have never took in the first place. So, you getting yourself together is requiring way more effort than it normally would because that baggage you have been carrying is the energetic weight of others. It is time to run in the wild. I am not saying drop everything in your life and say fuck it, no. But more in the energy of I need this retreat to tap back into me because I forgot who the fuck I was.

Sometimes we be forgetting who we are when are so focused on what other people think we should be, and what they want us to be. So, that isolation and not responding to calls may seem a bit personal because some of you are exhausted. Some of yall are geniuenly tired. Congratulations on birthing a new baby. For others that overtime been kicking yall ass and it's starting to get real. Because you haven't even went shopping for groceries for dinner on Christmas. Some of y'all it's so bad that when you cut the TV on to watch your favorite show you are gone to sleep. The word is zunked!

So, when your friends at work ask about the show you watch baby you are falling behind. The hardwork is going to pay off when figure out what you are working hard on. That is the catch and some of you haven't even got it yet. I heard an "Ah ha"! So, when you get it you'll get it.

4 of Swords in reversed: Who is this doing all this praying is this worship, devotion, honorable sacrifices? This is where half of sleep is going are you fasting or something because it is screaming because you have a nutrient deficiency and majority comes from sleep. Now it could be insomnia some of may have to take a pill and do a cleansing of the solar plexus. The cleansing of the solar plexus is more of taking and ex lax to get the bowels going. Just know if you are taking one of these things remember to eat and drink hydrating foods.

New Beginning (World Card): This is the acceptance and finally seeing that your a manifestor of your life. You have been working to reprogram your mind and the problem is that you have been closed off from it. You may not even follow your own guidance because if you see the way this lady sitting on this card she hard headed ass hell. Sitting on wisdom but don't know how to use it. Let me show you how you have been the block because you haven't been wanting to take a chance on your mind because of failure. If the world is always evolving and rotating why would fall when you have already learned balance.

Ace of Wands, Passion Ignite: Stop dimming your creativity just make someone ego feel better. It's not about being arrogant it's about learning to lean into your own power. You even know creation, wisdom, or being able to take heed to advice if they ever see it. It is about being sensitive it's about living in your truth. Either they are going to like or hate it. If they like it that's good if they hate it and it affects you and you feel you have to change then do it. But if you don't then that's area that you have to master so you want take the hate so personal. Being real it's a job opportunity that is being presented and you keep snubbing yourself out because of the people you are around. Greatness respects greatness so get out there and do your talented.

POSSIBLE ZODIAC SIGNS: Aries, Libra, Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces!


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