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Pisces Love Reading


KEYWORDS: Love and Affection by Rihanna, Like I Want You by Giveon, hopeless romantic, drama, a shit starter, messy, chaos, when will it end, and finally this nigga left me alone.

Well, it seems like you been ducking and dodging somebody and it is finally paying off either you on the run or someone else is on the run. It seems like somebody getting away from a toxic relationship and finally being able to be breathe again. Keep in mind relationships could be anything, job, family, career, boss, business, children or whatever you want it to be. Whew, who is this in the 5 of sword, 9 of sword, and 3 of swords they crazy ass hell. How you this argumentative and feisty when you cheating and broke hey, I'm just the messenger here. Why they always in your business is the thing for me like when the hell do you have time to piss.

Somebody can’t barely move without somebody thinking they cheating maybe they have but damn that will run a sane person crazy. Somebody wears their emotions on their sleeves and they don’t think before thy speak and them words causes fights. Someone is always stuck in the past and not being able to get over the past. Somebody been having trouble with sleeping maybe it's because somebody is deciding to be sober and to get, they life together. On the other hand, you just waiting on the ball to drop what you in the army? What type of shit is this as I ask with genuine concern. I heard check your diet because if you have started any new health regimen it is throwing off your sleeping pattern. Your body getting rid of waste.

I don’t know who has long hair but somebody has to start wearing it or switch up they look when it comes to their hair. Some of y’all got some suitors on your hand and if you're not careful this could be some fatal attraction type shit going on. It's cute having somebody pop up all the time when you block them and fight for you when you really want them to stay. But keep in mind you setting behavior patterns in motion when you allow this behavior to go on to long unchecked. Somebody out for get back and trying to make somebody feel how they made them feel. I heard isn't this some shit.

Somebody married and out here acting like they single which is causing problems in their relationship. The side piece thinks they crazy and the wife truly don’t give a damn anymore, switch the roles if they apply. This person is just wanting some form of attention and they going to get it by any means necessary. I heard a divorce is right around the corner but it's hard serving somebody the papers. So, this person think they are going to make their partner life a living hell until they leave. Because somebody saying you should have left me alone or you telling them they should’ve left them alone in the first place.

This third party making this person broke because they too busy chasing, they ass around the city and trying to follow up behind them. For some of y’all it’s the wife that is doing this shit and for others it’s the side piece if you are the dominant figure in the relationship. Whoever this is, is downright hardheaded and don’t like to listen. In the words of my grandmother a hard head makes a soft ass and somebody gone learn too today. Again, if you are going through something somebody is saying this isn't my problems and if you aren't I see you with a dumb look on your face in disgust like this shit is stupid. I feel you because if there is any drama, I don’t want no damn dealings with any bullshit that is above my paygrade.

Whoever be lying and keeping up shit gone be exposed because somebody going to a psychic who is going to tell it all. It's going to leave everybody shook because she ain’t supposed to know what she knows. This could be cartomancy or a medium who spills the beans. Somebody been dabbling in spellwork and someone has been experiencing a lot of weaknesses from giving all they energy to magic. When y’all gone learn magic is your energy and intentions you are using to attack or call-in things. These young folks don’t know why the vessel, mind, and soul go bad really quick. We got to many planets in retrograde for folks to be out here acting like this. BUT THEY KNOW EVERYTHING RIGHT!

Somebody is sneaking off to get married and everybody think this is the dumbest decision this person could make. For others this could be love and they don’t want to have a wedding for the rest of y’all they don’t want this person to testify against them it's like somebody being held hostage or some. And somebody is depressed as hell and they ain’t been right. They been sick, tired, can’t eat, burden, and it’s a pregnancy in here to top it off. CHILD, TELL ME HOW Y’ALL SURVIVE THIS!



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