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Pisces Energy Reading *TRIGGER WARNING*



A whirlwind of things maybe going on at this time and it may be hard to process. It's really giving the energy of who to shoot and who to kill because a tough decision needs to be made. Whether this is to cut someone off or leave something alone for good because it’s bringing too much drama. And the drama it brings is the chaos that seems to never end. Because you may be dealing with someone who is emotionally reactive and they keep a lot of the drama going. Fights, annoyances, and arguments going because they don’t know when to quit. This person is always in the energy of me, me, and me when they never stop think about anyone but themselves. Every time there is a problem who are they going to call you, when its tea to be shared who are they going to call you, and when they need some loving who are they going to call, you.

Every time there is wrong Pisces has to right the wrong even if you didn’t do it. I'll be weary of this because if you wield any power this person will try to use it to their advantage and they have a messy spirit too. It's giving toddler and this person always wants someone to fix what they messed up and this one-time spirit is calling you to leave something alone and let them learn this lesson. Because somebody hasn’t learned fat meat is greasy and fire is hot. So, this person is willing to anything to vilify or lie to get something they want especially in a timely matter because it’s jokes and giggles to this person. They thrive off of seeing people squirm, beg, and ask for things because they were deprived of these things as a kid so do this to other because somebody did it to them. And this is why everybody is leaving this person alone because they have betrayed too many people in this life span and you know it too.

Whether this is threating people, stealing from them, and even bringing harm to them (Saturn in Aquarius) exile energy. Maybe it's time to drop the group thinking aspects and start thinking about you because everybody else has. This is why they calling it quits and throwing in the towel because someone is getting more fuss than change in something and it's not worth the hassle. Someone you may be dealing with is firecracker and this started off as cute to see someone act so chaotic but now that fire is spiraling out of control. Because this person is in the energy of eating their own. (HOTDOG, HOTDOG, HOT DIGGIDY DOG)! That’s a sign. Because somebody has landed themselves into some deep shit because they wrote check they can’t cash whether this is fraud, defamation of character, and domestic violence.

Someone needs to go to jail the way they around spinning lies and wielding that armor of chaos. Spirit said somebody needs to do defensive magic and more protection rituals because baby you dealing with someone who is a projector. They throw their emotions onto other people to deal with all of the time. Seeing them mad makes you mad because they do stuff to make you mad it’s like this person lives on misery avenue straight up 4th. Someone may have a substance abuse problem that is getting the best of them that has them out of their mind. Coming after people, begging people for money, threating people over their money, and even setting MFs up behind they stuff they worked hard for. For some, this person feels validated in doing this because they feel you have wronged them in some way. Whether you cheated on them or promised them something. Spirit said the nigga wasn’t no good anyway so we don’t see what the big fuss is about.

It’s like this person is irate and everyone just sitting around looking like you done because we been knew this nigga wasn’t shit in the first place and for some it’s a girl too. And she messy ass hell and likes to bring people into her shit and create these false narratives about people. Some that are true and the others are downright outlandish. It's like saying so and so did this when they really telling you what they did if you listen hard enough. It's hard to catch this person in a lie because they believe it too, so some of you may get sucked into a sob story behind this person. Because at the end of the day it is everybody fault when they never see how they got to this point. Either they show this false narrative of who they are, what they are willing to go along with, and what they are willing to do that has people fooled. Now, for my people pleaser don’t take this out of context but this person rarely says no. Only a few will relate to what is being said about this person.

And for my people who are do gooders you need to be on the lookout for scammers, liars, abusers, and narcs because they looking for new supply. It's not even about the new year, new me, or tax refund. It's like these individuals are looking for a new energy source they can drain from to get back on they feet and that’s when they gone show they ass. Every time they get back up they gone run off and when they fall hard that’s when they gone be back on your door. You gone be so tired of this rodeo that you're not even going to pay attention to it happening. And when you finally put your foot down that’s when you gone see this person having some behavior problem or trying to fight for the relationship because they can’t trick you. For some you haven't even caught onto they antics you just want some me time because this person has let you down, beat you down, and drained you so bad that you need to recuperate what is lost.

They take everything personal even the slightest change in your voice, behavior, and actions towards them. This person acts like you live for them what in the empath vs narcissistic syndrome is going on here. This person is like a spirit pest that just doesn’t want to leave no matter how hard you try and somebody could be ready to give up. For some they even thought about suicide just so they want have to deal with this person because something is too much to bare. For some, somebody may even be willing to go to jail just so they can the hell away from this person because they are annoying. For some you even called the police they didn’t do nothing because they say they can't do nothing. So, this person just allows this person back in the house or around because why the hell not. It's like this person is just waiting on this person to die so they can be free.