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Pisces Energy Reading


Arrogance begets someone and it is their worst enemy because they think they know everything. Someone has to learn how to take a chill pill and allow life to be just life. Because whatever is going to happen tomorrow will just be tomorrow so someone has to learn to leave well enough alone. If there is a relationship at play someone has to figure out if they want to stay or leave. The back and forth thing is getting old. You don’t want someone else to come alone and swoop up your person because you don’t know what you want. Someone has a lot of love to give but do they want to stay around and keep giving it to someone who is half assing it is the question at hand. Because for someone their blessings are on the other side of this connection. ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS!

For some when you walked away you saw an upscale in customers for those in retail wholesale. Meanwhile for others you landed a gig could be acting. Or for others it was a podcasting gig. And the kicker is you have friends and family members who feel like you are leaving them out in the cold. For some this is the case because somebody went homeless, broke, or these people didn’t help you out at all. So, spirit said don’t give these people nothing, you really don’t owe them anything, not even your affection or attention. You thought you were something to someone until you started to cut off them coins you were giving. And all hell broke loose because someone thought it was your job to pay their bills, take care of their kids, or pay for someone's shoe habit. I think the fuck not.

Meanwhile trouble is heading in paradise in someone's marriage because someone's husband or wife dont know how to mind their business. They are going around meddling in everybody affairs and this comes with a price. Because someone is stirving up family drama amidst the family. And someone’s husband is tired of their wife making them look bad because their spouse needs to find a hobby like now. Because everytime something goes wrong they keep heading to the husband for everything. And the wife feels as if there is some form of disrespect going on but she is giving messy vibes. So, no one wants to deal with her because they deem her as irrational. And this may have resulted in a partner throwing you under the bus because of the attention you are getting. And whoever this is that is mad now, is going all in on you in front of family and friends.

And this is what is going to cause a divorce because someone doesn't want to see the error of their ways. Someone is even going to expose your person for sleeping with your friend for the entirety of the relationship. “Thought you had some good now the bitch took,” the book of MoneyBagg. And whoever this is, is now trying to get the hell out of dodge after they stole some money or something from you. And this person may even go into hiding because they don’t want this to come out. This could've been a one night stand and someone didn’t know how to cut it off but that the sex was too passionate while they were on drugs. It’s amazing what a little weed and late night conversation can do to you. If you know what I mean. #PYA

Someone could even have lied and said they were going to cut someone off for you. Only for them to have their cake and eat it too. This was a whirlwind romance that happened out of nowhere. And here's the kicker: somebody doesn’t who to choose. And the women don't want to back down until they run each other off. So, this may result in the destruction of you if you are not conscious of your actions. If you are anything like this new age of people you can turn it into a polyamorous then, it’s a win I guess. But for others I tried to give you a sprinkle of hope because you are going to have to walk away. It brings too much stress and even jail time.

And baby the way 2024 fina be sitting so righteous I’ll be damn if you need to miss out on this. Baby because the downloads I've been getting about some farmers' fresh crops. I’m trying to be pulling up and eating fresh fruits if somebody sells them to me. Moral of the story it’s time for someone to grow up and stop letting life make the decisions for them and start making decisions for themselves. Because allowing your trauma, pain, hurt, and disgust to run your life is running you off from you. #phuckyoanxiety #PYA



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