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Pisces Energy Reading


KEYWORDS: F.U.C.K by Victoria Monet, bored, stressed, over it, annoyed, and need break, crying baby, your inner child needs a break, and something you are consuming you are consuming it too much.

Welp, it looks you’re in a period of your life where you have learned all you could. Do you stick to the same old same old or do something new and decide now is the time to break the stronghold that life has on you? It appears that if you do the same things over and again that you are going to get the same results so why are you bored? If you like the behavior patterning, you have the emotional response you are getting, then why do you have the sad face? What is up with the sleepless nights, depression like symptoms, or a constant loss in things. Have you ever thought that everybody isn’t boring it’s that maybe it’s time grow up, change, or get some new hobbies? If your friends are in a blah mood, have you thought to check on them to see how they were doing. You know we not 20 anymore.

Getting old isn’t boring it’s a part of life. It’s just being grown it comes with responsibilities and I don’t know if you have some? To be honest I don’t know if you need any because you made need a glimmer of hope, a life coach, or rounds of therapy. Because you are giving Eeyore vibes and not the good one? No, the kind where everybody was trying to make him happy, and boy was that a problem. Now if you do suffer with some form of depression then maybe it’s time to start back going to therapy. Getting your vitamin D, getting sunlight, and being honest about where you are. Where are you realistically trying to go? Everybody, isn’t a mind reader just because you maybe. I know for my Pisces sun it is easy to get lost in another reality and wanting things so rapidly that patience seems to get the best of you.

For those of you who like to parlay from time to time or a bit much this is what is killing your mood hun. That could be sex, drugs, love, or spirituality? It seems like leaving something alone for a short period of times gives you anxiety. Is this some form of codependency or abandonment issues that you don’t want to address. If you are going through periods where you feel you need support, why don’t you ask? If you are emotionally all over the place and feeling easily disgruntled, why can’t you be your vulnerable self. You’re quick to show anger, sadness, grief, and exude lack of energy. Why can’t you say I need you to be here with me in my moments when I’m unsure of myself? And be honest and say I don’t want to change right now I need support that is what I need.

You know it’s funny being on a healing journey one day your fine and the next day this shit is up in smoke. You know how many times I wanted to burn this house down? Asks rhetorically? The point being made is I didn’t try to consume everything in one time. I like to prefer myself as a freak so why I do I have to get it all once. And when I say freak, I’m not talking about you nasty’s in the group I am a refined, refurbished, repackage, and transformed hoe. Let me get back on subject.

Positivity is going to feel like negativity when you are so used to being around negativity. Especially if you listen to it long enough you start to become it. Child, why you think I don’t like to hate on people girl it makes you light leave your face. I’ll give you an example of negativity have you ever noticed how you react to someone in a negative manner, and they respond with a calm or ignore your mood. How does that make you feel? If confused you maybe be accustomed to negativity, now I don’t know. Because if someone responds in haste along with you and you feel no way, or it gives a reason to react nasty then somebody is the problem? POINT ARROWS <>^.

Somebody here may struggle with suicidal thoughts and let me tell you why kill yourself when they the problem. Child, I know it seems easier said than done but shit they don’t get off that damn easy. But when does the feeling arise is the question you ask yourself? What emotions comes about when you feel like this? Who are you around? What are you mirroring? Google it. What is suicide to you? Seriously because sometimes people can’t a word in edge wise with you? You don’t have to be quick to be on defense mode and if that’s the only response you know then its time to be honest about it. So, you can get to the bottom of it. You don’t want to push everybody away. That’s not to put pressure onto you to make you care about other people but more about how you want to show up in your world.

Now for the rest of the crew a pregnancy or being a new mom is stressing somebody out. Either someone is struggling with their finances and is pregnant and don’t know how they are going to provide for a child. Hey, if you if got kids we go through this when bills, life, and everything seems to be too much, and we take it out on our kids. Sometimes our kids pull away from us because we aren’t our best selves and we hurt them too and we forget to apologize. Start now before they write a rap song about you. You never know who you are raising this day and age. Now for the rest of you, your body isn’t shaking back from a pregnancy. Girl if you don’t get that lipo, tummy, or mommy makeover and move around. You already contemplating it, so?

You doing that thing again were you ponder to much on the past and think of what things could be and this keeps you stuck in cycles where it’s hard for you to let go. It could be the person who used to be, who used to date, how much money you used to make, when you used to be happy, and when you and so and so used you know what I’m talking about? This is what keeps you from moving forward in life. And it also causes you psychic blocks for some of you, you abuse you gifts and its like spirit slaps you back, by causing these emotions to come up and put you down to stop you from using magic. Because you only do it for predictions, to find out about a parent, a child, or to connect with woman on spiritual level. Are you in love with someone spiritually?

Tell me what’s that like because that’s something I want to know but child I got to go. Y’all sacral energy is too much for me put that rose down NOW! This is almost three pages freaking long.


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