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Pisces Energy Reading


Be weary of karmic situations and emotional patterning because the universe sholl does like to test you the most when you finally make up your mind. This could be with your friends, family, relationships, and loved ones. Out with the old and end with the new. Learn to be okay with the art of doing of nothing you do not have to be always doing something. The body needs to rest you don’t have always be doing something that’s how you end up in trouble. I’m not saying that you have go off into hermit mode and detach from the world but setting clear boundaries and moving ahead for you is best. Everybody won’t get you and that is damn sholl okay because it isn’t everybody job to do so, some people don’t even know them.

And when I say karmic situations, this can be the intentions you have in spell work, the relationships you decided to get in, the false ideology of life and people, and overall trying to get they way when you know they are dead ass wrong for the shit just they do and it is tired. People have this belief that they think they are more than God, Creator, or the Universe and life sure does has it way. For some of y’all I see some justice rolling in from being wrongly accused of things you didn’t do. Money that is owed to you and some undoing of spell work. Pisces does rule the occult and the hidden knowledge of what lies beneath the surface. For some of y’all this could be severing ties with friends and boos because your ancestors are tired of you complaining about the same things you cry in private about.

They hear you; the higher ups just take a little longer to get to certain things because they have to tend to other things and the force that separates you from them is real. The spirit realm is easy to access but when them prayers is being answered my god they have to fight they way through to get you that blessing you need. You don’t know how many people operate in the occult and asking for the same blessings you want that they feel entitled to things you have or need. For those of y’all doing domination work please stop because that shit backfiring on y’all and y’all clients. Either your protégé will do the same to you to get you out of the way or you will do it to them. Its like some eats its own energy.

You know how animals kill their babies because they can sense they child will be weak. Its messed up though but that is the energy some of y’all carry with this demonic ass magic y’all be using. Faith and spiritual practices will require more of your attention such as; prayers, mediation, and actually connecting with your God. Especially if you are looking for money, hope, love, aspirations, and support. It is easy to get down in the dumps when you are so accustomed to getting your way but when the things you need, need to come into your life sure does like to take precious time. Don’t rush divine timing you’ll hate it.

Refrain from spiritual wars sometimes its best to leave things off of your altar and just pray and keep it moving. Be weary of greed because I see that spirit running rampant in the group chat searching for its next victim to take the bait only to end up soulless, lifeless, or dead broke. Watch it, Pattie. And last but least every apology ain’t genuine some people are just saying sorry because they know what it felt like when they did it to you. I will always say some people are immoral and some people believe that they are not wrong for the things they bring in your life, do to you in your life, or the harm they cause you. It’s on you to figure this out everybody story is different I am not the publisher who reads every story that is being published. Another thing change is heavy in this Pisces season but due to procrastination, laziness, or emotional burnouts you may feel like why bother things will always be this way.

Well, if you want to look at life that way go on head Patty while I sashay my fat ass off into, the sunset. P.S. CHECK YOUR LOADS SOME OF THE BURDENS YOU CARRY ISN’T YOURS TO CARRY! THIS IS THE BEST TIME TO SAY NO THANK YOU. REMEMBER PISCES CAN BE SOME OF THE MOST SELFLESS CREATURES BUT WHEN THEY CHOOSE THEM, THEY GONE CHOOSE THEM. YOU BETTER LEARN A THING OR TWO OR NOT. CALL IT TRIFLIN OR WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT HEY YOU WANT TO BE UNHAPPY OR BE HAPPY WITH THE LIFE YOU CREATE. You can be a realist and still have dreams. Get to work on those manifestations and stop it with that damn sexual manifestation shit. I see some of y’all nasty ass. I GOT TO WORK IN THE MORNING.


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