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People who have silent mouths with loud minds!

How do you say what you need to say when you don't have the words too? Is this most common thing I hear often among people who aren't allowed to speak because they've been forced to not speak. I'm not talking about those people who are always talking an get told to shut up, but those people who don't say things because they fear they'll be told to shut up. When things happen in life that we find unfair is the most times we're lost for words. In a world full people who keep people suppressed it's quite common for people to feel that they don't want to upset the collective. This could be family, friends, associates, and colleagues. Being around people who don't accept you for who you are because they aren't comfortable with who they're is real.

My favorite saying is you have to accept people for who they are so, that same can be done for you. It doesn't happen as fast with some people, but it creates a better narrative that is for you. It creates patience an a awareness that let's you know it is okay for other people to shine with you. When I have conversations with people it's always someone who thinks differently from me. At first it was weird to accept, but over time it made me comfortable because people found comfort in being able to themselves for a moment. And that's something a lot people aren't able to do because people are always looking for them to be something they're not.

  • DISRUPTION/ IN CONTENTMENT: Most of the times you find yourself being at a lost for words because you're around disruptive beings. You know those people who don't care for anyone, but themselves they always talking about how great they're. Leaving you with room to hate who you're because their life is filled with so much joy. You never can get a word in edge wise because they talk so much and keep so much going that you feel you can't trust them. They're always in something like they trying to escape reality leaving you to deal with your life on your own. Did you know you don't have to hang around or be around those people? An the opposite you have those people who create the dysfunction and get mad when things go haywire. Like the accountability isn't there at all so, because of their own actions it's stresses them out leaving them to be burden with the what ifs. Pride is keeping them from saying I messed up and I was wrong or "I NEED HELP!" Everybody has a different story and most of us have our reasons for self doubt mainly, because when our power was being stolen we didn't notice it until it was completely gone. That's when we had become to absorbed with the loss, that we never found our strength to take back what's ours. Which is our mind our mind, body and spirit. When you get to a point in life were you at a loss for words all the time that is when your brain has overpowered your emotions. Depression is real and most people who're deprived of sleep is still replaying out old scenes and coming up with words that could've been spoken. Leaving them to create a false narrative for their life or their existence of other people because they were to busy thinking and not speaking their true emotions.

  • OBSERVATION: Do you notice your own actions? Why you do things the way you do? Do you put the need of others before you? Observation is key for you when you value holding yourself back because you feel there is no value in your human existence. Is it something you feel could be doing right now, but you have a million reason why it would never work? Do you miss the old you? These questions hold the answers that you only you know because they're inside of you. You'e just waiting for the right person to come along and ask you with a genuine heart. You find yourself hanging and moving in crowds of people because your longing to be understood by at least one them. I noticed the older you get and when you're unsure a lot humans are longing for the direction of some parental figure saying such as; that's not your friend or they don't have your best interest. So, we find ourselves around people or in situations who are no good for us because we know we aren't good for ourselves in the moment. But, as long they don't know we don't care what goes on?

  USE YOUR WORDS:  Speaking up isn't easy. Speaking over your pain isn't easy also. Speaking up can be complicated for some when they're so used to using their word in an angry manner. Or, your so accustom to go along with flow because you fear the unknown if you go against the grain. Affirmations is real if you don't believe me do you have an morning prayer you say to get the day started. Honestly I didn't find more about what affirmations meant until I got more active in my spiritual journey. An how self negative I became when I was depressed. Chile I was a wreck and all over the place and felt like I couldn't do anything. With this little boy, with mama issues always creating mess and trying to show me he's more powerful than me became overbearing. My strength and words came in when I noticed the lengths he was willing to go to try to ruin me. I started to recognize he wanted me so it must be some value in who I am as to whom I'm not. Each I day I would start to say it isn't as bad as it seems. It was, but by me being an overly emotional water sign whew it was me talking to my emotions. The key to coming out of a depression or depressive like state is to trick your mind into believing something that you feel isn't true. Some of you may not believe me but those who know they know. I started with baby steps. Those little things my mom would do I started to speak up because I'm not a child, I'm an adult to anyone in America but to my mom I'm a child. I couldn't take anymore pressure from anyone that wasn't serving me. I was rude about and reckless an that's not something to be proud about. But, when I found myself contemplating myself worth around people who didn't give a damn if I washed my ass, cooked, went to school, and make sure my child was taking care of they could've kissed my ass in those moments. See the longer you sit in that pain and untold thoughts, they'll eat away at you until they will find away out one way or another. They mostly start with your actions, but it cant be your words also. And it can be a ruthless process because hurt people hurt people. Especially when you don't know when your hurting that's why it's important use your words. Whether it be vocally or written down. Your voice matters too. Are you speaking to heard  be 

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