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Pandora's Box


A download I received last night was crazy as hell and let me tell you it made a lot of sense about the behavior of certain people in my life and the energy the collective has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. The spirit of the Levithan and Jezebel was very prominent. In these times women are becoming more like men heartless, cold, aloof, and detached from their roots. And no, I'm not talking about what you do identify as this is more on an emotional and spiritual scale. I said a couple years of ago that some women where men in their past lives and they reincarnated into women vessels. We or I started to see this more when the number 2 years became more evident such as 2020, 2021, and 2022. How sex became less alluring and more about power and not use as seduction, more as whore mongering.

I'm sorry I love the hoes but this is beyond a woman who is into prostitution and soliciting acts. The years before I had dream about a snake like entity that was on some women who came into a man life and changed his whole path for the worse. I tried to forewarn him but bitch I ain’t got no big booty and suck cum till my jaws go numb. So, she beated me at that time because he was more into his carnal nature than anything. I'm not talking about his animalistic natures to hunt, to seek, and concur. I’m talking about emotional transference where sex has been substituted for emotional healing and cleansing. This lead the individual down a road of trauma because these women were like sirens and they were used for such an implant to cause havoc in a man’s life. They payed their price but it came with pain.

These victims who possessed these characteristics allowed themselves to be used they never knew their worth only their beauty. Even the prettiest smile and alluring eyes has debts that no man knows on this earth. And that debt they may have to pay maybe you. Now after Covid happened a lot of people grew bored with their routines you know this because I have told you guys a million times. So being more into a number 2 frequency means that balance was going to have to be restored. The ying and yang of the universe was off. You had to many people pushing souls in a false direction that they over powered the matrix that they ended up causing a cosmic imbalance. No, I'm not a scientist I just like to see somethings from time to time.

You seen hope leave humanity even the crulest of cruel, the jovial of jovial, and even the saddest of souls as well. They had given up and looking back was a place for no return for some. So, they found themselves creating ways to remain entertained. You seen churches get pushed back, pastors being exposed, and what was once demonic and evil become such a price to the lost. I.e., magic the ones that was lost and didn’t want to give no more praise to their God’s tried to create their own Gods to serve them. And let me tell you being a servant man of isn’t so good it’s not even compared to working a job. Hanging in the chow line, “Good times. FOCUS MARSHAE!

Some people even had this crazy idea that they could be a Messiah, prophet or prophetess, and a healer. The collective was going crazy with them false teachings and ruining people lives that when the real prophets started to arise you seen them attack their own. They was willing to destroy or even the real ones just so they can push out they fake lies. At this point the Anti- Christ hasn’t even come in yet this is the working of it but this is all flesh bags at this point. It amazed me how those who act as if spirituality betters them and heals turns around for a profit and try to harm their collective. This is crazy because what happened to all that faith you were preaching. Either you believe or you don’t. These people weren’t a threat to them, they were a threat to their ego because one knows real, they just hate it when they are accustomed to living a lie.

See, when you live in truth or your truth you wield a light that disturbs others lies. #PYA! You'll just be carrying your bucket on you and walking through a pathway, but the minute you go into an area in your life unknown and you are trying to find your way. You’ll see how quickly your light can bring so much pain to other people's shadows. Because the shadow does not fear light, it only fears light when they don’t know each other. It's funny how the shadow can be disguised as who you are until something or someone shows you who you are. And for some they don’t like that because we label the shadow as evil when it’s a merely a mask we carry to cover up who really are in side. You know the person who talk about money all the time because they were poor. The one who lives in fear because they don’t know how to edit themselves.

The girl/guy who has to do everything first because their ego wont allow them see you do it but they don’t know why they do it. You know these energies oh so well so, why are people getting mad that they can’t influence who you are. There is power in knowing your name, destiny, history, and presence. If you pose such no threat then why are they disturbed by the living and haunted by the dead. I tell you because you seek no truth in their lies or to expose them. My niece told me when she was about five or six that nobody likes nice people, they always think you want something. I thought to myself girl bye but she was onto something when my intention started to evolve pass the surface level of life's needs. I started to notice that people created false narratives of me and became my competition unbeknownst to me.

Sweetie, I'm over chasing my damn tail like a dog and you have these entities creating drama out of nowhere because I didn’t or don’t fit their psychological narrative. And like always I minded by business and stayed the hell out the way because they weren't my cup of tea acting like that anyway. But times changed my mission became greater than me. My influence became greater than me but that didn’t stop them from coming they just wanted me to be them. Which was being hurt and always in a pool of life where your soul is lost and discontented. Where the mind knows no ease, the soul is never satisfied, and out of faith. Yeap, I said it that’s what they were on. Healing is free it’s just a therapist isn't! #PYA

But these individuals till this day alleged they were duped it could be them coming to their senses now that they have to pay for their afflictions but they exposed who they were at heart by their actions. Genuine self-restraint tells you a lot about a person when they have the chances to hurt you. You could be ready to do some foul shit but if the conscious over powers the mind you won’t go through with it and that’s an honesty you can respect. It may hurt because of the transgression you could have possibly done but the act itself wasn’t committed. That is an answer between you and your soul that you will have to atone for.

I always say there is power in numbers and most people think numbers has to be more than 3 when 3 people can cause a lot of havoc in your life. If they garner the right attention from the right people and sway this person there and another way it's possible. These fools tried to penetrate my energy field because of their working and pleas they have with demons. This energy is so toxic that it can only be passed on through anger, sex, and frustration. These people aren't even in control of their minds but they run their body. They control their thoughts and they do have free will to decline to whatever that entity is calling them to do. It's just that they keep up so much fuck shit that they have to find a way to place that energy elsewhere.

And the spirit of the Levithan is envy, jealously, hatred, betrayal, and resentment. It will make a grown man/ woman even kill his/her own brother or sister. Because the entity goal is to cause discord, strife, and unhappiness because it feed off of this. It is one of the seven deadly sins which is envy. It'll make you hate those who are happy, who is free, global, televised, loved, supported, and even admired. The invasion of the body snatcher type shit. This is why I'm starting to believe in the too much of a good thing can become a bad thing especially with social media. Moral of the story when you see that sucka shit cut them off times too hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. These people have no morals, values, or belief system. Learn how to say no thank you without explaining because they ain’t explaining shit to you.



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