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One Night Stands

Have you ever had a one-night stand so good that you thought you was in love with the person that just by a shadow of a doubt that the sex could keep you in that relationship? Well child I have been there, and it was one of my worst experiences to ever come from in life. Now granted the sex was good but the person I had to deal with made me feel like an awful person. That it made me never want to date again and it took me on a journey of celibacy. I said to myself that if this is what the dating scene is like then child I don’t want no parts of it. Now granted I know I ain’t shit but damn I sholl ain’t a terrible person cause honey catching feelings based off sex is a mood killer.

People fail to recognize that sex without boundaries is dangerous, and it causes emotional let downs and burn outs. I mean sex is supposed to be fun, nasty, explorative, and even kinky depending on what you are into but it’s not suppose to take from you and leave you feeling hopeless. I said it I will say it again that there are a lot of people replacing their emotional needs for sex. They don’t even allow their body to alert or alarm them when they are ready to have sex i.e. horny. Nope, got a problem lets have sex, lost my job lets have sex, I’m angry let’s have sex, and my favorite after a fight lets have sex. People fail to recognize the energy transfer that goes on when you have sex from these lower vibrational places and wonder why romance and intimacy is foreign in the relationship.

They basically just have become an addict except there is no drugs, sex is there fix and if they can’t live without they will destroy things around them. People fail to recognize that sex release chemicals into the brain and into the body than cause you love or hate things about yourself or a person. So, when you encounter beings like this or acting as such you tend to not show your best characteristics. Things like this can lead to domestic assault, the nagging ex, the emotionally immature, and unwilling to move on from unhealthy situationships because you crave the validation your body receives versus your overall mind. I get it them toxic relationships be amazing when all y’all do is fight and f*** all the time. Especially the ones that you don’t argue with but he know how to lay down the pipe down like he is creating the plumbing system.

Child, Marshae relax because you are not a hoe you just pretend to be one from time to time. Hey baby daddy, and not my damn real one.

But people fail to recognize the challenging times we are in that is causing people to look for affection in the most dangerous ways even if means hanging with people who mean you no good. And child sex isn’t what you are looking you are looking for love. Love doesn’t have to be an interpersonal relationship it could be being appreciated, being noticed for the good deeds you do, knowing someone cares about you, someone sharing a secret with you, knowing you matter, or knowing someone can be vulnerable with you. That is love, this is why religion doesn’t hit like it use to and those who are ill equipped when it comes to magic are so focused on getting everything right now.

That it still leaves them on a mission in life feeling like they don’t have what it is they need out of life. I know it may seem corny, but you are what you need and some of you just don’t understand that its okay to be human, to get lonely, to feel vulnerable, to shout, to cry, or hell even get angry but that taking energy and using it to harm someone because they don’t want to be with you sexually is so not cool. It rolls into lines of abuse and cause someone to be hurt by your words, actions, and games you play and I’m all about being a safe hoe. Not some wild, dumb, and free one.

I just wanted to say I get you; I hear you, I see you, but walking around vying for attention in the arms of someone who doesn’t care about you is a slippery slope to depression and lonely avenue. Talk about a mood killer and fun fact did you know depression and anxiety meds can kill a person sex drive. Don’t be on here trying to skip out on your medication free balling life, this isn’t a sign to stop taking your medication. Especially those who have to take them. For those of y’all don’t and know how to live and manage yours I salute you. I’ll leave you some safe tips down below.


Now for those of you who don’t know we use the term as a form of endearment for us men or ladies to do what we want out of life. It was once upon time where society condemned women and called them a harlot because she didn’t fit into the idea norm of what a woman is supposed to be. Now I don’t know how y’all use it over there, but this is how we use it over here.

1. Consent is best and always, always where a condom. Temporary decisions can come with long term side effects. Condoms do not protect you from soul ties, loss of sacral energy, and energy exchanges.

2. Before you decide to do the do ask yourself do I really know this person. Sex isn’t supposed to be some long thought out think piece, but the intentions a person has with you can you help you a lot later on down the line.

3. Is it love or is it lust? If its lust gone head and go back number one. Infatuation tends to lean more towards the side of lust. This is where you tend ignore a lot of the red flags and usually end up going along with things you know that is going to be problematic. Are you really sexually experience and if you aren’t do you really trust the person you are about explore yourself with sexually?

4. A lot of the times we feel we are missing out on sexual things because so and so on is doing it and they seem so happy and fun. But you tend to forget that you are not them. Everything isn’t the same for everybody.

5. If you get any weirdo behavior from a person and I’m not taking about rapist only. I’m talking about where they seem more into themselves everything seems so enticing and you feel uncomfortable it is okay to back out. If they like you like they say they do then they will respect it. In most cases get you some mase, a gun, taser, a little knife, or self defense classes.

6. Learn what coercion is so you can know what decision is best for you.

7. Last but not least if you don’t know that person don’t let them record you because social media outing games are real. And this shit is not cool its quite disgusting. A lot of people don’t believe in discretion when it comes to sexual endeavors. You have certain people who get off on that and try to use that as a way to control you. Whether it is to stay in a toxic relationship or sexual one. Some of us aren’t shamed it’s just not everybody business. Some folks just live for the thrill of watching you squirm while they know your truth.

Now there are different realms of sexual people you have sadist and masochist who do things like this or just general psychopaths. Keep in mind that every person who identifies as such doesn’t act the same way they do believe in consent and safe words. For those of y’all into the BDSM community, its always best to vet the people who you are messing with while you are on your sexual escapades.


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