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Old Subjects New Time Frames

It is me or does it seems like the future doesn’t matter anymore the way people are around here living off past experiences. And I say that with all forms of concern. We got the help pretending to be help, people lying like white on rice, and lack of accountability being used as emotional manipulation. People returning to a state of grief for the reason why they do the things they do. In the words of me repeating myself it ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.

And it seems like that’s where the energy of people that’s caught up in a frenzy is. In a time where minding the business that pays you would seem like it’s doing some people good, it ain’t. If folks got paid to mind, they own business baby they wouldn’t because they’ll be too busy worried about how much you getting paid. That somehow an argument would be created out thin are because somebody always want to be a part of something they have no business being a part of.

With some y’all it’s just karma knocking at the door like the rent is due while the others is out here collecting peace of the debt that is owed in the spirit world. Child, I started to make this some long emotional draining message about how the past is in your now. But I didn’t want too because after doing all the tarot readings for the month. Baby the fixed signs did a number on me, for those of you that aren’t familiar with what a fixed sign that is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

It seemed like I was repeating myself and they were too. I told you I can deal with somebody that talks too much, but when that talking too much leads to nothing baby it’s become aggravating after a while. I mean in this day and age of healing people think that constantly going over certain things is actually going to bring change and resolution to a matter. I mean where is the alone time to process the information, if you did what you did, how did it make you feel, and did you really think things was going to change that fast.

Trial and error is one of the biggest lessons for growth, but the fact this overly communicating about things we don’t understand is one of the worst shit that could happen to society. I mean like do motherf****** even get to grief in peace, think alone, or process shit before the think police start coming alone. I mean a lot of problems could be solved lot faster this day and age if people want so thirsty to be recognized for what they do and not the impact they have.

Y’all heard me say, that I didn’t have time to get into astrology but 5th house and 7th house keep coming to me in downloads. And that has deal with morals, actions, how we do, what we do, why we do, and the consequences to our own actions. Baby I say all the time that we need get of the house because you got niggas around here just doing shit for fun. Damaging people, reputation, minds, souls, and bodies all because folks can’t contain, they vessels.

I wish you would be out here whooping your kids if you always in somebody business, keeping up mess, and staying in drama. Saying them kids getting on your nerves when they doing what you do to people on a regular basis. It’s funny how folks can’t dish what they put out, but baby life is just so fun and blissful at this current time ain’t it.

As I write this with so much sarcasm and gusto… Yippy, but I guess I got to get back to my real life and us having the grown folks conversations we been having for the ones that’s doing the work. But child the folks in my life do be having that messy spirit and of way of keeping up things. I ain’t gone say they got me caught up in something it’s just funny how when they don’t listen, I’m the first to come running to. Pro tip stop being the go-to person for people who you cant go to.


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