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November Energy Reading

November Energy Reading

It was cold outside Willy. Now that the sun is going down and the moon is starting to shine more be aware of your own shadows. Y’all know when the winter season rolls around you have people wanting to be in relationships, trauma flares up for some people due to not having family, and depression seems to be around the corner due the lack of vitamin D we get. Eat your Wheaties, vitamins, and drink some water. I don’t care if it is cold outside drink you some water your body needs it. Now going into this Scorpio season let’s just say this season is going to feel like to most toxic Scorpio ever. You know Thanos the one with the good sex and lies that you can’t seem to get rid of.

Now this could be due to health issues, unwarranted stressors, and financial spending. The holidays are coming up and we tend to spend more than we make because Christmas will be around the corner. This is the time to remove all the things that’s weighing you down whether it be your mama, the dog, a job, your boo, and even house. It is time to let it go and by it being in a water season that breeds resentment, unhealthy coping skills, possessiveness, manipulation, and controlling disorders some people aren’t going to go without a fight. And especially if it is a lover you don’t want. if you have been prepped and forewarned by YOUR spirit guides to hold up on giving away that thunder cat, then do it. We don’t need you around here UNDER THE INFLUENCE of some good sex making rash decisions.

On the flipside you may see a peak in your love life where finally get to see if someone is interested in you. This could be potential lovers you passed on; no, I’m talking about the girl/guy you have good sex with but y’all lack in the communication department. Ha, you thought. No, I’m talking a chance at genuine connections where you see someone being a little bit more courageous by shooting their shot. This is on you to discover if they are genuine or not that’s not on me to tell you. Hey sometimes some people come in your life for good time and not a long time. It’s how you deal with that ends up being a problem or not.

Now if you watched those two videos then you know why relationships came up because it’s some folks that’s leaving one relationship and moving onto the next. Which is perfectly fine just make sure your fine doesn’t come with more problems than you already have. Contrary to popular belief Scorpios aren’t selfish people its just getting them to share with you. So, if you find yourself saying no or being more into the mind frame of finding your own happiness then just be aware there are some people who aren’t happy about it. Just for the record I won’t be doing the individual monthlies. I got too much going on, but I’ll do each element for the week. It will give me time to maintain my duties versus rushing through them tired.

Now the reading before that which was a random message I said this week on Monday I said be mindful of the engagements you take on this week because it was some underlying tone. Watch out for the martyr syndrome wanting to save everybody because its some folks playing possum. Everything don’t need your help because if you sit back and watch some people are only out for themselves. If you didn’t see that in 2020 to 2021 then I don’t know what to tell you. If you haven’t lost any friends or things because of your level up then this message doesn’t apply to you because you been good. God really like yo ass and that’s okay.

But you’ll see how quickly as the year end the heightened motion of people wanting help its going to feel like the beginning of COVID-19. Especially for you healers, tarot readers, practitioners, shamans, and high priest. Some people haven’t learned they lesson so, they trying to find a way to get help by any means necessary whether they have to use you or not. The reason being is because we are rolling into the number six year, so this is where you are more prone to feel worried, sorry, or guilt for other people than yourself. So, catch that now because we don’t need you relapsing into the old person you where before someone who is just at a crossroads come mess up your path.

You know those people that have that mind of woe is me and when life pick up for them they’re going to be like screw you. And guess what that is okay. For as career wise always be aware of who is your competition because you don’t want to feel side barred by someone else actions. Those healers are great at that by trying to get you to help heal there problems instead of asking. So, be aware for y’all folks in them spiritual groups so you want to get caught up in your friend’s drama because they to prideful to say I need help. Make sure your spiritual defenses are up so you want to have to deal with attacks from the low life’s.

If you know you have been working on getting that promotion hush. Be like a Scorpio quiet about what it is your trying to do, don’t put everybody in your business, access the scene and move accordingly. When we say he/she go big dick energy it is being comfortable in our own skills and trades. Don’t got off being a lower vibrational Scorpio being jealous of other people, sabotaging they stuff, trying to trick people out of stuff because you want it, and being possessive over your dreams when its time to shoot the jay. Right, all in all I hope this message find you in great spirits. So, go tackle the ending to your new beginning.


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