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As the year begins to start, I wanted to say what is it that you have planned for the years to come. What is it that has been plaguing you that you have been putting off?

Like what is your expectation or intentions you have for the new years for you and those around you? I also pulled a couple cards to show you it’s time to release and get our houses in order. And by houses, I mean our physical bodies.

It’s funny how people use to go in on those new year new me post but this is a time we really need it because while the world is in a pause life still taught us that the world is still going to move. So, what are you moving into? Like what is new for you? I know I got some goals in mind that I’ve been wanting to accomplish and now is the time to be on go mode.

Because sweets have been lagging and all over the place and on the other hand, I have been emotionally annoyed.

Not by my work because doing this gives me the satisfaction, I actually love but the access drama that goes on takes away from the time I have to sit down and write.

I got a couple of blogs coming that going to be broken down into pieces for people to add to their daily journals.

I’m trying to figure out how to emerge the topic of infidelities and couples staying together while not upsetting the collective. Because once you open up pandora box it’s all hell that breaks loose. I mean with the questions and the counter think pieces for people who think differently than you can be a lot to take on. Because some people forget that their story isn’t mines and mines isn’t theirs.

So, that’s been a tricky thing for me to actually post because the collective of people that has been coming in are stuck in old cycles from when infidelity happen in the relationship a long time ago.

Some of them are new, but with this new age era of social media and opinions being everywhere and emotions being at an all time high that is a bad combo.

Because when you are in an emotional sore place it is easy to consume bad advice that is lived off of emotions that may or may not change. And like I said a lot of us haven’t been taught to grieve.

Because like many, people think grieving is to be in place of lack or a state of suppressing. When actually it’s both but other implements as well.

So, some advice some people may give you may not be for you, but when you’re not asking for guidance or seeking some sort of instruction you may take what you think is for you. That why it is keen to honor the intuition and not hurt. Because a lot of people don’t rely on their six sense and no, I’m not talking about the third eye. Most people rely on the hurt they have experienced before to make their next decision.

So, making decisions out of hurt creates more hurt because of the lack of trust that you have in you and your creator. This is why you have so many people this year getting their third eye rocked and going off on apology tours because they haven’t healed from their own past traumas. But enough of that though we still are going to get into the hyper femininity pieces as well.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with that I used to the word hyper which is something that is overly worked or unusually energetic instead of toxic. Because somethings are toxic but calling it a better name gives some people a better way at looking at their own issues and dissecting them. Calling somebody toxic and lower vibrational all the time has a way of back firing and making a person feel like they should be glorified for certain behaviors.

Because they are not socially accepted by the norm. In the old African proverb, they say a child that isn’t embraced will burn down the village to feel its warmth.

So, seeing grown adults who act like kids all the time is emotionally draining and annoying when people who try to correct or assist them in their behavior don’t know how to approach certain issues.

Now by all means I am not enabling certain things but looking at them from a different perspective can shed a light on certain behavioral instincts people have and limit rash behavior.

You have the choice to say I don’t want to deal with this or allow certain things to affect your life. It’s all about alleviating your inner consciousness.

Everything doesn’t have to be spiritual or practical in the words of YASMIN BOLAND “BALANCE SPIRTIAULLY AND PRACTICALITY”!

I just wanted to check in and let you guys know about a few updates that I been working on or writing out. This new workout routine has been tearing your girl up and trying to create a lane for more dividends to be able to drop merch, books, and a place to create from is going to be a lot for your girl to balance.

But I believe in me and that is where my focus has been on me because the help ain’t gone come to a place where it can’t help.

Signing out! Enjoy your night!

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