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As the year begins to start, I wanted to say what is it that you have planned for the years to come. What is it that has been plaguing you that you have been putting off?

Like what is your expectation or intentions you have for the new years for you and those around you? I also pulled a couple cards to show you it’s time to release and get our houses in order. And by houses, I mean our physical bodies.

It’s funny how people use to go in on those new year new me post but this is a time we really need it because while the world is in a pause life still taught us that the world is still going to move. So, what are you moving into? Like what is new for you? I know I got some goals in mind that I’ve been wanting to accomplish and now is the time to be on go mode.

Because sweets have been lagging and all over the place and on the other hand, I have been emotionally annoyed.

Not by my work because doing this gives me the satisfaction, I actually love but the access drama that goes on takes away from the time I have to sit down and write.

I got a couple of blogs coming that going to be broken down into pieces for people to add to their daily journals.

I’m trying to figure out how to emerge the topic of infidelities and couples staying together while not upsetting the collective. Because once you open up pandora box it’s all hell that breaks loose. I mean with the questions and the counter think pieces for people who think differently than you can be a lot to take on. Because some people forget that their story isn’t mines and mines isn’t theirs.