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New Levels Old Devils

Isn't it funny that when you decide to elevate your life it seems like the same people or situations keep occurring again? Not saying you have some bad karma going on, but it seems as if it is Déjà vu. I never understood the term new levels as if the things you worked so hard to change or correct were going to disappear with ease. Man please, life does not work like or at least to my experience. Have you ever prayed or wanted something so bad and when you get what it is you worked so hard for it seems like your being tested? Well you are! The old saying to whom much is given much is required is a true story. It’s just the hardships we experience that we tend to think that everything we get is supposed to be a breeze. Bargaining and reasoning with deities and the metaphysical is tough battle that many seems to lose.

Like honestly most people think moving out the hood is going to remove the nigga out of them. Chile, please if your black no matter how high you go, you will always be referred to the old racist term nigga. No matter the strife that came with it that is what we identify as. Even in any ethnicity the term stuck with them no matter how hard they tried to erase or scrub off the name. No, I am not giving nobody an excuse to be using racial slurs, but I am black so I can say the N word. Now let us get back on subject. When black people grow up in impoverished areas the first thing, we want to do to when get some money is to physically get out of the hood. Honestly, I do not see nothing wrong with it but what happens when the mindset does not follow the body.

See now that the body is no longer living in fear it transfers to mind and comes out through actions. Think about it you have just moved to a suburban area with a slightly diverse neighbors and you find yourself the odd ball standing out. You try to make nice with your neighbors and teaching your kids or loved ones to do the same but what happens when you meet people with that same poverty mindset. It is like they always have an issue with you, what you do, or how you live? It seems as if petty arguments are on a rise and you do not find yourself at peace as if you were still in the hood “THE GHETTO”. Why have not you understood that you did not change you changed the scenery or maybe you did change, but you did not remember pain.

That pain was your motivator that fuel fueled your jet up to run away and to never look back because the hurt you used to feel was so unbearable that any given cost you was willing to rid yourself of it. So, the grief comes out through the people around you and your unwillingness to see peace within you. That you gravitate towards people, places, and things that have that familiar smell because your drawn to the things you did not change. It’s labeled with the word different, but the feelings give you comfortable or somewhat of peace because those things you once hated you start to seek the value in them. Ironically, because your unwillingness to see you, to value you, and understand you places you back in the room amongst people whom you have run away from long ago.

But you can’t run this time because this is the lifestyle you have created and going backwards isn’t the goal. All the hard work you put in to be where you are is starting to feel less and less of an accomplishment because your so focused on those around instead what’s inside of you. Your beauty, your strength, your mind, and your heart. Like just for one minute it would be nice to place the rose-colored glasses on to see you and not your accomplishments. We are humans for a reason to feel and feelings that are felt nor resented creates empathy. For you to be able to understand that you are not your surroundings and those things. You are what your meant to be, but you can’t see it because the past still haunts you. When will you learn that everything isn’t meant to hurt you, somethings are meant to show you areas you need master? So, before you decide to take that risk make sure it’s for the right cause and not undefined actions. Leaving you to be unsatisfied with were you are allowing those same things that hurt you have power over you. What goes around comes back around even people in different shapes and races. That’s why it’s best to check the energy you keep.

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