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Narc 101

Narc 101-

In a society where we are becoming more desensitized by the minute please make sure you are cognitive of who you tell your business to. A lot of people don’t know how to separate a vent session from complaining so some people take it as if your just downright annoying or don’t know how to handle your business. I mean narcissism lives within all of us it’s just some of us don’t possess that trait like many are capable of. But people who are a bit more narcissist can abuse the information you tell them in silence. I mean a narcissistic individual long game is to make you their puppet.

You see this all the time in the family dynamic how parents force children to live out their lives only for you to grow up unhappy without the ability to be able to enjoy anything without pain. So, you find yourself moving towards gossip, drama, chaos, confusion, and mess only to say I hate it here. Only to stay in a cycle that needs to be cut off. So, the people you complain to are the same people who take advantage of you like your environmental factors did. Finding a voice and who are is the only way you can break free from those trauma bonds.

I mean in the words of me fake empathy is on the rise because social media has created this illusion that you have to be something, you’re not so a lot people skin is falling off. In this season because those that pretend to care are being shunned because people find out they weren’t. I mean everybody has their limits and what is your belief system of nice and empathy. Because everybody is flawed it’s the human design to be messed up and to work on it your whole life to become the person you need to be.

A lot of times we don’t recognize the narcissism that lives within us and how we take away from others experience. We all got that friend that does completely too much at the wrong times I mean sometimes its cool and other times its not. Because you don’t want people to see how you really get down behind close doors so them running their mouth or doing something that goes against what you stand for in the public eye can be damaging to your brand.

A lot of times narcissistic individuals are unhappy because of the way you survived situations, so they create unnecessary drama in your life because they think it’s fun to do so. Baby that is sinister, sick, and chaotic, and it damn sholl ain’t no friend. I mean ask yourself, have you ever sat back and paid attention to how the people you love treat other people and how they treat you. The narcissism that live within all of us is best seen in the family dynamic how family exposes your insecurities but never calls out that closeted rapist in the family.

Yes, that is shit narcissist individuals do because they will need that person for their own personal gain. They are only of use to them because they know they aren’t accepted well by others unless they take control of others. You rarely see a group of narcissistic individuals hanging out together because eventually they will all fall out because they’ll grow tired of each other antics. Contrary to popular beliefs narcissistic individuals know they are wrong they just do it because no one ever valued them enough to show them the right way to do things. So, when people who come along to say no this is the right way, we do something they end telling people awful things about them because they didn’t want to do what they wanted them to do. TRUE STORY! Its call give and take.

A narcissistic individual will play dumb just to see how much they can get out of you and how much you think know. I mean all of us do this when we don’t want people in our business and others do this to their victims because they know they have booby traps waiting to catch them. See we see this a lot in the spiritual community now and days how a lot of people are so folly that they are becoming spiritual narcissist. You know those same people who talk about preachers and being the Anti-Christ only to mimic those same religious teaching. Yep.

I mean gaining information is cool but people who use it as a plow to lure people into their web to subdue a victim is actually disgusting. It’s kinda giving me Kimmy Schmidt vibes. The man who kidnapped her and put her in the bunker and they didn’t know they were victims until somebody told them. I mean that’s why I don’t go around trying to prove myself to people because baby I got caught in a narcissist smear campaign and let me tell you that shit ain’t for the weak.

It amazes me how people play his blind monkey till this day and pretend to act as if I don’t see them. I mean just imagine your whole world crumbling down while someone pretends to be something their not only to gain sympathy from them and the people that flock to them come back to you because they see this inidivual is a piece of shit. I mean ironic much. But to me it showed me the narcissism that lives within all of us and how we shun our shadow and don’t know how to utilize it so we go along with the flow because we don’t want to upset the pack.

Hurting people who didn’t hurt us only to have come give the apologizes on your apology tour because you messed up and thinking saying sorry is going to ease your soul. Nope healing don’t work like that accountability work like that. But a lot of people don’t want to because its easy to get set back into the routine of how things used to be especially when you are dealing with narcissistic individuals. Now some of yall gone read this and be like why did she say this, trying force yourself in the narrative of either or.

When you might know someone like or seen this happen to someone and sitting back thinking like how I could’ve been some sort of help. Or damn I didn’t know this affect people like that. I mean we set up our lives to be a certain way because of our own pain or we live on different frequency that sometimes we forget what it feels like at the bottom or the middle. It’s okay its just as long your working on bettering you so you don’t have to learn a lesson that God didn’t intend for you.

So, the next time you find yourself with a friend that going through something and they always bring up their problems politely ask do you mind. Today I had a horrible day and I don’t feel comfortable with such. For some its learning how to read a room because no matter the bond you have with a person doesn’t give you the right to dump on them because you know they value you. That’s not fair I mean if they decide to leave and not be friends with you anymore, you’ll think they are mean when they just needed time for them.

Get off of social media time, its always somebody that’s on there that’s the way it’s set up. When you are in the real world dealing with humans, we have to learn to treat them as such. We aren’t cellular devices or robots. Some of all yall aren’t narcissistic individuals some of you guys are out of touch with humans that you can be quite apathetic to the emotions of others.


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