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My Hoe Phase ( a short story)

Now this a real story so the characters in this will have a fake name for copyright purposes and this nigga ain’t fina sue me for defamation when his ass being doing it to me. This is just the beginning of how I got stuck in this project I’ll try to keep it at a 3-page minimum because yall don’t like to read them long ass post.

It was the summer of 2014 and hot as hell and baby I was feeling myself I just had to hit the scene I lost all my weight and I was finally out of a 6 almost 7-year relationship. Baby I was ready to conquer the world and see some things. I had felt like I dropped the dead weight and I was ready to seize the world by storm by any means necessary. I was ready to start my own business and do all the things I felt like my relationship wouldn’t let me do.

And before we start, he didn’t tell me what I could and couldn’t do it was just that fact we were so wrapped up in each other personal and work live so much that I barely had time for me. So, lets get back in the story baby shawty was tired we had just had our last domestic spat and baby it was rough to the point where I had to get a restraining order. Because baby things had got heated between us to the point to where we could’ve hurt each other to the point of death. So, I was like baby I’m out because the love itself had become toxic.

Now he didn’t have a place to stay because we were staying together so I would let him come sleep over until he figured out what he was going to do. Right I was dumb didn’t you just here me say he had a whole restraining order out on him and was still trying to layup. Well baby that shit died off quickly because he was only coming around to stop me from putting a restraining on him. Thinking he was gone fuck his way out of me going to court I THINK THE FUCK NOT! When he realized I was serious and stopped having sex with him his true colors start showing.

Niggas always thinking when you don’t have to sex no more you are screwing a new person. New flash I am not the whore you are okay. So he made it his mission everyday to basically upset me whether it was letting the dogs run loose in the neighborhood, shut the power off outside the house, and let the air out my tires only enough for me to make it to the tire shop. Now while all this was going on I had some guys that was trying to talk to me and I was iffy about opening up because niggas talk more than females.

True story honey they be some chatty patties and sassy than a motherf*****! Now I liked this green-eyed bandit I ain’t never been a sucker for light skins, but I like him though because he was just my type hood and cold hearted. Baby just like I them you don’t even know if the nigga like you, but you like him though so that’s all that matters. So, he was really nice and smooth, but he always kept his distance because he used to say I was full of shit which I was but lowkey he brung out some insecurities in me. Just a little bit.

I know right girl it threw me for a loop, but I want gone say none though, he was just gone be sitting idle while I figure something’s out. Now he was my number one choice and I never got a chance to get to this nigga and I’m still salty about it because I fucked that up to the oblivions. Now here comes the married man i.e. duck lips he had been chatting it up in my dm’s asking me to come to his shows, but I never would respond back to him. Because he always seemed like he was hiding something, and I didn’t have time for that. I wanted a nigga to love me and accept all my bullshit like asap and God was like hold up now playa you’re not getting off that easy.

So, we would play Russian roulette like I would agree to see him and talk to him, but I never did because I just knew he was full of shit. But guess what that’s nigga I ended up giving my cumbersnatch too and I regret that shit. Because this dude was so damn foul, I don’t want to get ahead of myself because there’s one more person I’m leaving out and that Anxious Betty. I met him a gas station and that wasn’t my first time seeing him either we had passed each other by in life several times but never could get on the same page.

He was young hot headed and needy baby no ma’am just because I wanted to date didn’t mean I wasn’t still a cold-hearted b****. But guess what he ended up getting my number and we ended up linking up you remember the post about having sex with a closeted man yeah that was him. So, its summertime honey my court date coming up for my restraining order and I had to be looking good to show my ex what he was missing out on. Boy was I not over that nigga at the time and it was completely obvious I mean that’s why I didn’t choose on professor x the green eyed bandit because he got a good heart but he’s a asshole though. And a moody Pisces we never last long me and my Pisces lovers go for at least 3 months and we be over just as fast as it started.

So, I’m picking my niece up from the academy out in the east close to Collierville and we need gas now anybody who know me know I never keep gas in my damn car, but I needed gas because I had to make it back to the mound. Now this 6’2 muscle bound as nigga was eyeing the shit out of me you know the aggressive gas station stare niggas do baby yes that was him. So, I’m pretending to get my niece out of her car seat child her nonhelpful ass decided to unclamp herself out talking about auntie I got it. Now anytime I have to struggle yall know I like my nails long R.I.P to my nails because they ain’t been done in minute.

So, child I’m getting out the car to go in the store and I’m trying my best to not keep eye contact with the nigga because you know once you stare back they ass is fina approach and that’s what he did. Child, he pretended to be sweet and till this day he will tell people he loves me the lies he tell. So, we swap numbers and go on by my way. He is texting me asking for pictures you know just laying all the flattery on the girl giving me just exactly what I needed. Hell, if I wasn’t at home crying my eyes out and smoking myself to sleep and playing the album 4 on repeat, I was a loser at home.

Baby my cold-hearted ass was hurt because I had just found out that my lover was cheating on me again, he had just come back from Georgia from seeing another woman saying he was going to see his child. He made up some lie talking about his baby mama was giving him a hard time with seeing his child. Baby the tension was so thick when I walked in the room when I went to get him from Georgia. They were looking like they had seen a ghost, so I started pulling back from him and he didn’t even notice. So, when I would bring up our relationship problems, he would spazz the fuck out because I wasn’t her and he knew it.

I was on some trying to get me together, wanting to purchase a house and do grown folk shit while he wanted to be entertained by some hoes on the internet. So, I tried to tell him we couldn’t work anymore and that’s when the fights started to happen, and I ended up having to get a restraining order. Now professor x didn’t know what I was going through because he had his own issues going on, so I didn’t feel like he needed to know. When I had everything under control, I would’ve told him but because I felt like I was being insensitive to his situation.

Now at this time Professor X thought I was flaudging or a catfish because I never would come see him because I was tired, I was going to work from 12-5 in the morning and slept all day. So, it looked like I was in a relationship. So, guess who’s just giving me all this attention Anxious Betty he just texting me good morning, I think you’re so pretty, you’re my sunshine, and I think I like you bull crap. Now, I’m a water moon and sun so that gushy shit at the right time will get me but at the wrong time it can recoil the f*** out of me.

So, I was in vulnerable state and he knew it because he was writer well pretty much into poetry so he knew words that I wouldn’t speak. So, me talking to him was a breeze it was just getting his iffy ass to understand that everything ain’t about him. See, when I have problem with you, and it goes unaddressed I will keep trying to address it because the moment I mentally clock out I will no longer be in your presence physically. I know that’s that Scorpio detachment bullsh**.

But baby Anxious Betty wasn’t as sweet as he seemed he was aggressive with a forceful nature and demanding with no regards of you. He had that high and mighty Virgo energy where you better enjoy me because I am the prize. Little did he know this Scorpio was heartless and that bullshit want gone work on me. See, he would do slick shit try to catch you in a lie because of his own insecurities. He was like that crazy girlfriend that would accuse you of cheating because the nigga at the store greets you. Team to much.

So over time with him I grew tired of that shit and was out within a week and a half but somehow the nigga kept trying to trick me into coming back because he was the best thing that ever happened to me. Now here’s where things get tricky now you remember the married man who I used to dm, round the same he got my number too. He went from the dm’s to texting. Now I’m single as a pringle and I promote you finding yourself in your feminine journey. But guess what these niggas was cousins and it wasn’t my first time talking to family members.

But me and Anxious Betty didn’t know that we were connected by the Married Man. Yes, so at this time he kinda got a feeling like I did but I didn’t give a fuck because I didn’t. So, these niggas been into ever since they were little, and they wait till they grown ass meet me to start having beef.

So, yes, this shit got ugly pretty fast now at the time I was just posting semi videos of me singing like doing singing challenges. B**** these hexes is into music and got a recording studio, so it went from I like her but ima push her musically while Anxious Betty is just saying you have a personality for TV. So, me and my friends used to kick it a lot and do bald head h** sh** so he would sneak cameras around and record it and put it on the internet.

Now these two niggas still into so the fact that I didn’t want them didn’t make this going viral shit easy. They used to bad mouth the f*** out of me. To the point people only knew bad things about me I mean that shi** hurted me so bad to the point I turned in to a super loner. I always been one to hang by myself but baby they turned me into a hermit. Because everywhere I went, they wanted a camera there and that shit was so awkward the first 2 years because I knew I was being recorded at the same time I was being gaslighted.

Just imagine your own family, friends, and people you don’t know signing up to be on camera and they are bringing up topics that cause problems. Baby in the beginning so many celebrities hated my ass because I didn’t know I was being recorded so they egotistical ass didn’t take to kindly to my ass talking shit. They were trying to get views while I was opposed to being a on camera. I mean some days it was harder than most I mean I didn’t even get to grieve my grandma passing because the cameras were always on.

So, now that were are at the end of this rodeo and I’m ready to take the world by storm this is how my hoe phase fast tracked my views on social media to the point where people thought this project and my pain was nothing.

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