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If there is a need to cry, let that shit out because you ain't hurting nobody but yourself. If you need a moment with yourself, take it because it has been calling you too. For some of you it is a time to take a spiritual bath, take a spiritual moment to honor you higher team, and take a moment to access things in your life. Lighten your load whether that be emotionally, energetically, spiritually, physically, and mentally because some things aren't yours to carry. If this is asking the kids hey, I need to separate your clothes today I'm tired and need your help let them children help. Stop creating the dynamic that you have to do everything alone.

Gone set up them doctor appointment and get that shit out the way stop stalling until things get worse. Go get your physical health checkup especially if you have heart chakra problems, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, and sugar problems. For some of you it's time to see a foot doctor because that issue isn't going to go away. For some of you guys there is a debt that is energetically weighing you down until you pay that off it will continue to fester in your life as other issues. If it is a grudge, it is time to let it go because you keep attracting people who are just like you or the person you are holding a grudge against. For some stop spying in people dreams, astral projecting, and trying to access people akashic records you coming back with weight on you and your mental.

Release that spiritual bully and move on accordingly because they ain't nothing but a burden you. For those people who are caught up on the Twin Flame train get your ass out in the real and date if you are trying to call love into your life. If you know who your person is gone call, they bald head ass and stop playing in the spirit realm because you have to spiritual cleanse too much and it causes stagnancy in your real life. You acting to airy and dreamy about things go in the real world and live baby, spirituality gave you the answer go reap the reward.

Archangel Zariel and Charity



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