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Simplification is the word for today. Slow and steady win the race but overdoing something that is simple is just pointless. And sometimes we complain about all of the problems we have going on when sometimes we should've just taken the road less traveled. We can sit and complain about all of the things we didn't do, should do, or need to do but what does it do for us. Either you stay stuck in a cycle, or you end up leaving yourself emotionally burnt out. And let me tell you I have been burnt out before and it isn't so pretty being exhausted and needed to get shit done.

For some of y'all it's time to cut off some messengers in your life because there is someone who is messy and like to keep up a lot of things. They are nosey and always crossing your boundaries. This person lives in a fairy tale land and they reality they have in their head about you or other people aren't realistic. I don't know if this person is on drugs, takes some form of medication, or just a head in the cloud's individual but fucking with their lies always cost you, your good shit. They do this to have some form of control in your life, to seem like they are the know it all, or to be helpful when it's downright problematic. Because true help don't come with you having to go do everything over again. Now sometimes people can make mistakes when they don't know what you want and how to service you.

But the things is, this is an ongoing thing with this individual it has at some point served you but now is the time to tell them to step back you got it. Some roads aren't meant for everybody to travel upon with you. It's nothing personal but it's time for one of you guys to grow up and cut the cords. For some of y'all this is a toxic lover who you have had sex with, someone who think sex is a priority, or someone who uses sex to control you. Somebody gossipy nature, boundary crosser, and bad temperamental is bound to get them cut off.

KEYWORDS: man she don't never listen, I have no choice, what am I supposed to do, we keep arguing about the same things, Mary Mary - Can't Give Up, Monica- Knock, Knock, somebody being put out on front street or the street, Carl Thomas-Emotional and finally crying sliding down the wall type crying.

ZODIAC, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio

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